Prayer a response to desire

Prayer cannot exist without desire, and desire is a normal response to something which exists. When a desire wells up in us to pray for something it is because this something already exists.

The temporal material world always works as an parable on how things are in the spiritual.

For example, I cannot desire or want the newest model of a cell phone before someone has invented it, manufactured it and now offers it for purchase. I can, however, begin to desire it immediately the knowledge reaches me that it is in the planning stages.

Prayer is thus not us beseeching God to do something for us. No, we are desiring something which already exists – something God has done – it is finished. We cannot yet see it with our physical eyes. It is only seen with the eyes of faith. If it didn’t exist we wouldn’t be praying, and desiring it.

When we are holding the new cell phone in our hands it cannot deny itself. How much more can God not deny Himself?

When we enter this level and understanding of prayer we soar high above like the eagle praying for nations, persons and the world. From this position we see that our needs are being taken care of. The One who loves us has us covered while we express His desires for others.

How you are led to pray is none of my business. I only know my desires and prayers.

“Before they call, I will answer…..”

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2 Responses to Prayer a response to desire

  1. humleboaudio says:

    Thanks Ole!

    Hämta Outlook för Android


  2. christaslife says:

    Before Abraham was. I knew You. Thank You, Ole.

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