Cleansing Ears

This sensation of always falling short of God’s expectations to me was more or less prevalent in everything I undertook during the first ten years of my Christian walk. It actually wore me down to a point of exhaustion and despair. I would be hard pressed to admit that these first years were particularly joyful, generally speaking.

I am tempted to call this a phase of ear cleansing because it was from here everything changed – I began to hear……hear faith. I am not talking about that first faith which convinced me about the invincible being of God and how vital it was for my eternal destiny to accept Christ as my savior. As many of you know I had been totally immersed in New Age thinking until God convinced me about the futility of walking that path.

Through my before clogged up ears it now more or less effortlessly flowed many of the things Jesus had said about Himself, about being one with God, about not being able to do anything of my own accord, about God always being pleased with me and so on. The Spirit is a clever and patient teacher, so these things seeped in a little by little of which some I actually discarded as impossible from the outset of this new period of hearing.

Foundations were carefully laid in my inner being, and those things I took in faith without having any outer evidences for their validity became as time passed strong and vital in me despite that they from the outset appeared flimsy and volatile. Kudos to God for being a great carpenter.

The most difficult part has not been taking these truths of God in faith which are against sight and emotions – it has been reconciling myself with the I am that I am with all its weaknesses and perceived imperfections. That has been my major inner battle field and to a degree still is. Yet, my only option is to agree with God, that the I am that I am is once and for all perfected.

I still so vividly remember an episode from a few months back where I felt so ineffective and couldn’t see that my life in any major way was the positive influence in this world I wanted it to be. The inner voice was pretty straightforward in its reply to me: “Stress down. What do you know about your influence and your impact in this world when these things are hidden in the invisible? Much more is going on around you than what you have eyes to see. Relax, I have everything under control.” Everything said in a calming and reassuring tone.

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8 Responses to Cleansing Ears

  1. Cindi Estep says:

    ONEderful!!! It brings much joy to my soul to see you writing once again. Agreeing with Father!! It’s an Inside job. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and that Substance Is Christ Himself. Our Life!! Having “ears” to hears let hear what He Is speaking to His Church. Love you!!

  2. Paul Stewart says:

    “He is faithful when you are faithless for He cannot deny Himself.” II Timothy 2:13–He’s working in spite of my not using His eyes to see . . . that will be made apparent after the “light and momentary affliction” of the “narrow gate” process finishes. In the meanwhile, “we walk by faith, not by sight” . . . or, hearing . . . “we present every man perfect” . . . good writing, brother!

  3. Roel Velema says:

    Good post Ole Henrik. Yes, what we see is just a shadow of the spirit which is substance.

  4. I recognize the path so well — Christ eagerly waiting for me to relax and let HIM live daily life in me. Using the miserable me-drama and all my weaknesses for HIS purpose. So many good people write about faith, but also keep Christ at a distance. He is the doer of the finished work, wonderful. But not living us as a matter of fact. I did that too, celebrated the Mystery at a certain, safe distance. But Christ teaches us to love to come closer.

    When I go for the option you talk about Ole — the only one there is — life sort of starts anew. When HE lives me in this very ordinary way. God looks at the world through this brain and theses senses. Christians I knew said that I must be transformed. Oh, how I failed to be that. But saying that we should be transformed in appearance or in the carnal mind or in behaviour or in religious piety is just to not understand HIM in you. He comes into me as I am.

    Thanks for the post Ole ! (Förresten, är din bild högst upp tagen i Norge?)

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Thanks for your comment, Staffan! Jesus once said that the servants aren’t greater than their master. In the instance we say we “let Him” we have put ourselves over Him. To me there is no “let Him” anymore even though I belonged to that camp many years ago. It is only faith…faith….faith…and it is by faith we see Him living His perfect life as us teaching us the ways of the Spirit and maturing our faith and understanding. We cannot keep Him at a distance – that is something that is only in our minds or emotions. Yes, the life He lives as us is for most of us pretty ordinary looking. It truly is. Love how you write that God beholds this world through your eyes. Isn’t it funny how Christians say we have to be transformed when Christ has transformed us – it is finished! Again, thanks for your input and I trust the Spirit (your teacher) will continue to open your inner eyes to the amazing truths and grace of God 🙂 Ja, bildet er fra en liten innsjø ca 6 mil nord for Oslo 🙂

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