Death Lost its Sting

As I have grown older death has become more prominent in my mind and thinking. I readily admit that I at times have feared death, full well knowing that there is no escape from it. We will all one day leave this world.

One late evening last fall I was going over these things in my mind again and fear was a part of the emotions that my thoughts stirred up. What next took place is one of those small miracles, one of those moments of enlightenment from above when it suddenly stood so clearly before me that the only death that matters is the spiritual death that took place when I received Christ.

It is funny really. A death I didn’t experience or feel, but yet it took place and only faith can deal with the things that are outside and beyond the temporal realm. However, there is an experience in all this. Whatever we take in faith will one day come back and take hold of us. This thing that some call inner knowing. Deep inside of us we just know and that is a knowing that is an unshakable foundation upon we walk, move and have our being.

After I that evening received this gift of faith and insight my fear of death is no longer an issue. It is replaced by a peace which is beyond words.

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4 Responses to Death Lost its Sting

  1. Ben Williams says:

    Amen Brother!

  2. Patti Renwick says:

    Much love to you my talented bros! 💕

  3. Cindi P Estep says:

    The peace that surpasses all understanding……So happy to see that you are writing again……ONE!

  4. Patti Renwick says:

    Love seeing your name pop up with a Word! Love you Bros! 💕

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