The Lord Your God Is in Your Midst

The Lord Your God Is In Your Midst – The Grace Book vol 1

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The Grace Books are a compilation of articles from grace authors who boldly proclaim the Good News. This is the first book published in the series.

The books are distributed for free. The objective is to help believers discover who they are in Christ and who God is.

In this book you will find articles from authors such as: Steve McVey, Darin Hufford, Andrew Farley, Fred Pruitt, Norman Grubb, Paul Anderson-Walsh, Bertie Brits, Andre Rabe, Francois Du Toit, Dan Stone, John Lynch and many many more. The book consists of 80 articles from 31 different authors.

Please enjoy!

Illustration: Jean Rittenberg

Title: Home Coming

4 Responses to The Lord Your God Is in Your Midst

  1. Munene says:

    Hi.i just enjoyed reading gracebook volume one its just what i have been lloking for for years!i know my life has taken a heart longs and hunger for it possible for me to get gracebook volume two?

  2. Joshua Travis Bailey says:

    I absolutely loved this collection of essays! Is there a volume two?

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