By the Grace of God

By Wayne Allen (A Brief Testimony)

“By the grace of God I am what I am”
(1 Corinthians 15:10)

All that you gain and do, grow and build, that’s the Lord’s. It’s the Lord’s thing. I don’t have criticism from lost people; most of the criticism is from religious people. They feel a person like me is an egotist. Of course, that is the same problem that Jesus had, and I guess I’m supposed to have it too.

When we begin to declare the unity we have with Christ – that I am in Christ and Christ is in me, and we are one – people don’t believe that, and think we are crazy, or something is wrong. When I first came to East Park, a nurse in the church thought I was taking drugs. She came to me privately one day and said, `Preacher, I want to ask you something in confidence and I pledge to you that I will never tell anybody, but I’ve got to know. How is it that you are happy all the time? Every time I see you, you are happy. So I want to ask, Are you taking something?”Yes, Polly,’ I said, `I do take something. I take a gos-pill every day. That is where I get it.’ Christ in you and you in Christ, and you are one. That is the freedom, and people can’t understand it when you are not burdened down by legalism. The more you come over to being totally free of what people think of you, the more you are just natural and are yourself. I don’t have to be somber to be a preacher. I’m far from it. If I am a little crazy, then I am a little crazy, and if I like to cut up, I cut up. I am free to be myself, without putting on any airs, and that’s Christ totally expressing Himself.

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