The Glory of a Fully Alive Soul

By DeeDee Winter

The Glory of a Fully Alive Soul

Few understand the vital work God did in the making of our souls and the function they are meant to perform.  They are perfectly created to be fully active and alive in every direction. To see our actions and reactions as less than the ideal we believe to be the life of Christ…something to the effect that when/if we know union then we can __(fill in the blank with whatever it is that you do not like about yourself)__ and we can behave like Jesus…or be more like Jesus. How many times have we heard that? We have a false idea of the human person Jesus was and carry that same false idea into our own lives as a standard to be attained…when in fact He wants to live in us in our human uniqueness exactly as He created us to be!

From the instant we are born of His Spirit, Christ IS living our lives! Before we received Christ we were in co-operation with the god of this world. This ‘working relationship’ was taken to the Cross (Romans 6:6-8) when we took Him as our Savior. Our God-created humanity…soul and body, which the Bible calls “fearfully and wonderfully made”…was made new and newly used by Christ, as a vessel of honor. We experience sweeping changes in our lives as we begin to experience Love living by us, but an even deeper change comes in our awareness, or consciousness, as we realize we are joined to Him…one spirit/Spirit (I Cor 6:17) a oneness so secure that we say with Jesus, “I do nothing of Myself…” This regained oneness was the whole purpose of His Cross…that He would bring us back into a oneness relationship man had with God before the Fall.  This oneness was soon to be accomplished as Jesus prayed His glorious last prayer of John 17… “That they may be one as We are one”…but first He must go to His Cross. The only way His word would be fulfilled was through His death, resurrection and ascension. This same process now takes place in us through our souls. It is by our “bearing about in our bodies the dying of the Lord Jesus” that others have life. This is why it is imperative that our souls be fully alive and active!

We learn in Scripture that man is tri-part…spirit, soul and body. (I Thes 5:23)  Our spirit is our real self, created in the image of God and is what is joined in union with Him when we say, “Yes” to His call. Our soul and body are expressers of that spirit/Spirit union. Spirit is made up of heart, mind and will…and fixed in Him. Our Souls are comprised of feelings and emotions. Our body is the physical part of our being. We have a spirit-mind…where we know (I Cor 2:16) as well as a human soul/body mind where we think and reason. (Eph 4:23)

With this groundwork laid let’s look at a passage of Scripture where Christ Jesus ties the whole package of ‘us’ together. It is Matthew 16:13-26 in which Jesus vividly instructs His disciples what their lives are to be. It begins in 16:13 with Jesus asking WHO they think He is and Peter says He is the Christ. Jesus says that flesh and blood did not tell him that…meaning that we must have a revelation of the Spirit to understand God…and upon this rock of faith/revelation He builds His church.

Now let’s skip to the last verse and talk about our souls. I don’t know about you, but there were many years that ALL I wanted to do was “forfeit” my soul! I was way too afraid of my feelings and thoughts. I just wanted to live in nirvana…in a flat-lined place of peace. Oh, it was nice when I ‘felt’ good or happy, but let anyone or anything disturb me in any way and I went into a defense mode or one of condemnation because I just couldn’t “be like Jesus”. Little did I know then that “trying to ‘be like’ Jesus” was the sin of the Garden of Eden…as Eve was tempted to “be like God.” I discovered God had a thing or two to teach me about my soul and the rightness and necessity of it.

God’s revealing came one day as I was suddenly filled with jealousy towards a friend I had loved for many years. I knew nothing but to deny it…to affirm that I was not jealous, but was Christ in my form. Just as quickly as the words came out the Lord said right back to me, “You are not jealous of her, you are jealous for her. It is My jealousy in you for her to know Me as you do.” I immediately agreed that she would!

But as I swirled that truth around in my mind I came to realize that every feeling and emotion from love, peace, patience, kindness and long-suffering to anger, hate and jealousy could be either rightly or wrongly used…wrongly before I was born of His Spirit when even my love was really to gain my own ends…to rightly now as in my jealousy is ‘for’ another accomplishing eternal purposes by my agreement with God for my friend. Everything God says about Himself and expresses in Scripture He will be in/as us!

Matt 16:24-26 says…Then Jesus said to His disciples, “If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me. For whosoever wishes to save his life shall lose it, and whosoever wishes to lose his life for My sake, shall save it. For what will a man be profited if he gains the whole world, and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?”

Jesus says we are to take up our cross and follow Him. Following Him is simply going about our daily lives as He “causes us to walk in His ways.” I used to see the emphasis in this passage on lose and life, but now I saw it was on his/our…meaning any idea of an independent or separate life. We must get the FACT settled, that there is not one thing in/as us apart from Him, before we can fulfill our high-calling as intercessors…binding and loosing for those the Lord gives to us.

Jesus says to accomplish all He has spoken to his disciples He must go to His cross and die…to which Peter replies, “NO!” In a very powerful and telling statement Jesus calls him Satan.

And then the icing on the cake! What does it profit a man to lose his soul? NEVER expressing the intensity of emotions that bring about the Cross in us…our dying and rising…when our quest is to live in a phony existence of n essence we do THE VERY SAME THING as Peter did when he told Jesus not to go to the Cross…and THAT is Satan’s gospel…even today as he condemns us for any negative feeling!!! “That’s not very Christ-like” he says and until we are settled, we fall into chasing the false image of Jesus we have been taught.

Do you see how vital it is to have a FULLY FUNCTIONING HUMANITY??? It is the ONLY way the Cross can operate in us and we can be intercessors we were created to be…bearing His life, dying daily…co-saviors with Christ!

Jesus says that WE have the keys…of binding and loosing people and their lives…the keys of bringing others into His life and love…of reversing tragedies…of healing broken hearts…of setting those free whom God brings us…of bringing them to wholeness…all by our word! Our very valuable SOULS are the vehicle for His Cross!

Let us do as the Spirit commanded the disciples in Acts…“Go, stand and speak in the temple all the words of this life.” Let us no longer give or believe in a partial Gospel that leaves us always having to get ourselves straight!

Walk by faith in ‘this’ Life…His Life…fully lived by us…

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