Ole Henrik

I am 52 years old, married and we have two children. I am a math teacher and, to my surprise, a photographer (you find my images on 500px and Instagram). I exercise as often as I can and I alternate between running, cycling and weights. When I am to relax I prefer music (trash, metal, progressive black metal) and a good book (fiction/grace/union life) or, these days, editing an image. After I discovered God’s grace my life as a christian has changed radically; from a law and sin conscious life to a life in freedom and daily guidance from the Holy Spirit. I live in a small town 60 km north of Oslo.

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  1. Andre Rabe says:

    Hi Ole, your site looks stunning! Great presentation and excellent content.

  2. Don Curtis says:

    Hey Ole. Enjoy your site. I came to your site by way of Fred Pruitt. He and John Buntting will be with us (Christ’s Church) the last Sunday in Oct. I am going to link your blogg to mine. Great stuff that is rich for the soul. I will be back to visit.


  3. Greetings Brother Ole may the glory of our awesome Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless all that you do!

    1 MORE 4 JESUS!

    Michael <

  4. Reiken Hemel says:

    Hi Ole, best wishes and blessings to you from Alaska. I haven’t been to Oslo since 1979, but I have fond memories of your country when I visited. Nice that people all over the world are being blessed meeting up in cyberspace you created!
    Gud velsigne deg,

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Hi Tim! Thanks for your kind words! Oslo is perhaps not a beauty, but it is a quite peaceful and friendly city. Funny that you have visited our country. I wish I one day can put my feet on Alaskan soil. I am a bit overwhelmed myself by all the people who find their way to this site. The fact is that I am tremendously blessed by all of you who share your insights here and who let your love flow into this site. Only God can accomplish such a thing.
      Gud velsigne deg også!!
      Ole Henrik

  5. Ruth Coleman says:

    Hi Ole. Greetings from South Africa. Your 22 April post was straight from the Father’s heart to mine. Thank you! Tell me please, what is progressive black metal music? Regards, Ruth

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Hi Ruth! Thanks for your feedback on the Spirit of Love post. It spoke love and comfort to me too while I was writing it. Progressive black metal is more melodic and more experimental than regular black metal. In this genre it is common to use regular vocals mixed with growls. I have no idea why I like a kind of music most Christians condemn. Just the way I am wired I guess. Favorite bands are Opeth, Enslaved and Ihsahn.

  6. Hi, Ole! I, too, am utterly amazed that we are sharing like this from all over the world. I am in Florida, USA. In awe of God’s amazing truth that has made me free to enjoy freedom to enjoy the fact that you enjoy heavy metal music, just for an example of the “crazy,” all-inclusiveness of God. Only Love could include such freedom to be and to enjoy God’s good creation. I don’t know if that will make any sense to anyone else, but I am having so much fun, and am so free, that it does not matter. Love and thanks. (Oh, I mean the God kind of Love, that we don’t have to be afraid to speak of having for one another; that is Spirit…there is neither male or female.) Thanks for all you share, Ole. I think about truth the way you write it! And many people are quite suspicious of me and act like I am dangerous because of it. So I am thankful for the facebook fellowship, and the few friends of like mind I have besides.

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Wow! You are truly enjoying yourself in the Promised Land 🙂 Your love, enthusiasm and freedom truly radiate from your words. I am soaked by your blessing! Facebook has revolutionized my life too! It is the only place where I find like-minded believers who understand me, as I understand you! Thanks for your kind words regarding my blog and the stuff I write! (And, yeah, I am a metal-head 😉 )

      We spent three days in Florida last summer. We visited Orlando; Universal and Sea World. Loved it there!

  7. Agnes Grace says:

    the first time i have gone to http://www.wordpress.com . . So far, it seems you are telling me the Truth. Thank you so much.

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Welcome, Agnes! So great seeing you here! Thanks for your kind words! May the Spirit continue to speak His love to you and secure you further in who you are!

  8. Ole, I don’t have your email address so I’m writing here to say how grieved I am about the terrorist attack. I just read the story on the MSN website. I know that as a man of faith, you are standing for the Gospel in every way, including faith for your nation as well as other nations. I stand with you.

  9. John Craig says:

    My sentiments exactly, just breaks my heart, so very sad. Please send me your email also if you don’t mind, would love to be able to correspond. Blessings and peace now and always my friend.

  10. Stefan says:

    I am a new born Christian, and like yours my life change radically , I enjoy reading your blog!
    God bless u!

  11. Don Kropidlowski says:

    Hello brother! It is nice to find a brother who is free IN Christ and listens to metal as I do:) I live in Cambridge Minnesota. USA. It is a large Norsk community and I live on Norway Dr:) I play XBox live with some guys from Norway also. Praise be to the Father for creating the land “In Christ” and placing us there in Him where there is no condemnation and all the promises are YES!!:) I would love to get your understanding on who do men say the son of man is and who do you say the son of man is:). After all eternal life is Knowing God and Yahshua whom he sent:) If you have time and can email me that would be fantastic!:) If you can’t share here. Thanks friend! Don

  12. Christophe Mathedarre says:

    Hi Ole,

    I wanted to thank you for your work on this blog. It’s really encouraging to see that the revelation of “Christ in us” is touching people all around the world, from Oslo to Paris in my case 🙂 May God continue to guide you in this amazing journey, in His Love, His Grace. We all need Him and it’s good to tell it 😉
    Be blessed brother,


    • Ole Henrik says:

      Hi Chris!

      What a pleasant surprise and blessing to get your comment this evening! It is so great to see how the Spirit works all across the globe, and twigs of knowers spring up both in Paris and Oslo 🙂 Visited, btw. Paris two years ago. We spent only four days there, but we liked the city very much! Thanks for your blessing and may you also continue to go from glory to glory in faith! Yes, we sure need Him 🙂

      Blessings to you too!

  13. Evan Beecham says:

    Hi Ole,
    Your blog is a real blessing, I am blessed by radical grace. My wife found your site some time ago, and pointed me to it.
    God bless!!

  14. Ole Henrik says:

    Hi Evan,
    I am beyond grateful that what I am given to write and share find room in you and your wife’s heart. The Spirit is so clever. Thanks for letting me know that you are blessed by the blog and its contents! Blessings and much love to both of you!

    • Lucas says:

      Thank you Ole Henrik for your articles, website and understanding of Scripture. But also that we are one in Christ, Christ in us and as us !
      Greetings from the Netherlands

      • Ole Henrik says:

        Dear Lucas! Great hearing from you and I am thankful you find my articles edifying. I thank God that He has opened your eyes to this great secret, that Christ is our life and that to live is Christ. Blessings to you too!

  15. Hei Ole Henrik ! Fin side ! Men ville spurt om noe privat , hardu noen mail adresse . ? Det er noe som Steve Mc. Vey og du sier på siden din jeg skulle spurt om .
    Mvh. Ragnhild C

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