Making Sense of Spirit-Soul-Heart Part 4

By Fred Pruitt

Now, in the same way these things operate in God in the Spirit, they operate exactly the same in us in the Spirit.

In our innermost being, these same properties I have crudely described “about” God, are working the same way in us. We live and operate in our inner “knowing,” whether we are aware of it or not.

We are driven by the love-fire of God, whether we know it or not. It is our fire, too! (Because we are His!)

And finally we live in a union of wills, Spirit-to-spirit will. Union, almost more than anything else, implies only one will, one determination, one heart and mind. To say we are in union with Christ and then to turn around and say for whatever reason, “I do not will what God wills,” is a total contradiction. Union of persons means union of wills.

Not my will, but thine be done.” That’s the verse everybody uses to “prove” we have a separate will from God and have to work to align it. But that is not what the verse says. Jesus makes no effort to “align” His will with God’s. He simply rejected a “my” will. There is only One Will, the will of the Father in heaven. When we are in His Kingdom, just like we would in any kingdom, we live according to the will of the king. In a system like that, there is only one will, the king’s will.

And that is a little parable about our living now in the kingdom of heaven (though we do not yet see it fully, even though it is already in our midst). Jesus was not struggling against what “He” wanted to do, as opposed to what God wanted Him to do. When did Jesus – ever – say He did any other will except His Father’s? That was the only true inner will He recognized. This separate appearing ‘human will,’ the “will” that wanted to get out of what was coming, was not really Him. He recognized only the Father’s will as valid, and the struggle in the garden against great temptation, was in getting that straight there just before just before the Temple guards came to arrest Him.

What then of the soul?

As I said above about 50 times, soul is not its own boss. It is where Spirit-expression is brought into temporal visibility. It has no life of its own, and is completely and totally driven and moved by spirit, either spirit expressing from inside ourselves, or spirit expressed through others that first touches us on our soul level.

Soul is part of the house where Christ lives and manifests Himself. Hebrews says we are His house, (Heb 3:6), and that means He owns the whole of this house He has come to live in, and the running of this house we can leave to Him and to the servants appointed to help Him. Soul has all kinds of expressions, emotions, reasonings, hurts, depressions, joyousness – a whole host of stuff! And sometimes it all seems to be running amok!

We are not fully free until we realize this soulish part of us is not wayward, does not stick out of Christ in us, as if it is outside the house we are that He lives in, nor is it left on its own to flail about in this dry and thirsty land we live in. No, now that He has moved in, it is Christ’s soul now! It had been the devil’s soul, with all the same attributes and faculties, but used wrongly to express self-for-self. Now it is Christ’s soul, used rightly to express self-for-others. It cannot be otherwise, because “our conversation is in heaven.”(Phil 3:20) James asks can sweet and bitter water come from the same fountain, and of course the answer is no. We are the sweet water, and once His, we cannot help but be it, the “savor of Life,” in them that believe! (2 Cor 2:15,16).

Which brings me back to my freeway parable.

Bottom line, I know a lot about “soul,” and a lot about “spirit,” and that is all well and good. But I have to know how it “works,” so I can work it! In Norman’s model mentioned above, soul being mostly involved in temporal things and reacting temporally, the point of it was not so much to make solid ironclad definitions of these things, but to know the difference first of all between eternal and temporal, and to give us a little bit of knowledge about what these things are and how they work, and finally to bring us into a simplicity of “the Father that dwells within Me, He does the works.”(Jn 14:10)

Earlier I mentioned the chaos of the freeways around big cities, in my case, Atlanta. And then I said that even though it looked like there was enough danger for 1000+ accidents or fatalities a day, still most people made it through every day, despite the chaos and the danger.

That’s what “soul” life is like. It is scattered, chaotic (in emotional or intellectual highs and lows), sometimes seemingly self-opposing, and very often looks “wrong” by its reactions or consternations. This is where EVERYBODY cracks up, where soul (reactions, feelings, psychology, intellectual confusion, etc.) is often seen as the enemy within my very own being, since it seems such a wayward part of us, and we do not seem to have much of a tight control over it.

If we think that, and we are in Christ, we are wrong. God came into the whole of us. It is His house, to do with as He pleases, including the soul. It no longer belongs to us (actually never did), but to Him, and He determines its times and expressions, not the world, not the devil, not the circumstances of our lives. None of those things instigate us whatsoever, because we are not reactors to life, but instigators of life. Soul filters the world back into us by the Spirit, and soul filters Spirit-expression back out into the world.

Just like the unseen higher power at work on the Atlanta freeways that keeps it all going miraculously with little loss of life and property, we have that same unseen “higher power” within us, and the chaotic freeway that is soul life, His perfect expression.

So, to conclude, we are Christ in our form, and because of that, that is what our “soul” expresses. The “divine nature” that is within us! The chaos of soul, stressful though it may be, is the road to our destinations.

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