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Let There Be Light

“And God said: Let there be light.” I had one of my small epiphanies some days ago when out of nowhere it struck me that this verse also is an illustration of how we bring life to a person or … Continue reading

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How to Handle Temptation and Failure Part 3

By Norman Grubb So, when temptation draws me and would grab me, it is now easy for me to transfer my initial tendency to respond as if I’m an independent self back to who I really am. I don’t have to seek and pray … Continue reading

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How to Handle Temptation and Failure Part 2

By Norman Grubb Now these are two radical statements: 1) that I am crucified with Christ and thus actually dead to sin and the spirit of error, and 2) that I am no longer just my Norman Grubb I, but Christ is in such … Continue reading

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How to Handle Temptation and Failure Part 1

By Norman Grubb “How do you handle temptation and failure?” I was recently asked this question by a pastor anxious to have the right answer for himself and for his people, and I myself found it both profitable and confirming to … Continue reading


Dead – Not Divorced

By Dan Stone (From Union Life Magazine 1979) In one of our recent meetings the main sharing centered on the truth of our death with Christ and how this affected our lives. After the close of the meeting I overheard … Continue reading


A Pastor Speaks Out

By Dan Stone (Union Life Magazine March 1976) Let me share an experience which has totally altered my life. I was a pastor when it took place. In fact, I had served several churches when God showed me this “new thing.” … Continue reading


Is God Still In Me?

Originally posted on Voice in the Wilderness:
(After Not Feeling Him for Years and Years) by Fred Pruitt Some time ago someone wrote me with the question I have used as the title. I took this one question below as…

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