Further into the Promised Land

For reasons that are only between God and me I have been compelled to explore faith the last couple of years. Perhaps it is because I asked God to teach me faith based on an honest recognition of that I knew very little about faith – what it is and how it works, and, not least, how to work it. My blog has most certainly been marked by this direction which the Spirit has taken me. I assume my writings concerning faith have been characterized by increasing clarity as new light has been given me. I make no excuses for again writing about faith.

What struck me with such lucidity yesterday is that as we possess more of the Promised Land faith is equally purified. What do I mean by this? I once wrote based on something that welled up in me: Faith is its own proof. I don’t believe in coincidences and yesterday I came across the following by Norman Grubb which perfectly confirms and supports what came to me then: “When we believe, we have the witness, because faith is its own witness.” Why? Because it is God’s own faith.

In other words, the purifying of faith means that it cannot be supported by emotions, sensations, signs, experiences, inner knowing or what many call an inner witness. Faith stands alone and is its own witness – this is truly the absurdity of faith. We may or may not get an inner knowing based on our faith stand, but that is solely up to God.

Not many days ago I sent DeeDee Winter the following email:

When again drawn to the investigation of faith I somehow was reminded about what the Spirit says in Hebrews: Faith is substance. Then it struck me that substance is found on the Spirit/spirit level. In other words, faith is spirit. This faith is communicated to us or wells up in us, and when that happens we have two choices: Receive it or dismiss it. But, the main point is that when faith manifests in us, as it were, it comes from a place that is too deep for reason and soul and then we have these inner conflicts between what faith asserts and reason’s: “This cannot be.”

DeeDee replied:

“I have always thought “faith is substance” meant that it was only hope until it became real inside us…substance. It did not necessarily mean that it had manifested yet, just that it had become a ‘known’ to us and not something we still hoped and prayed would happen. Have just reread yours….you have put it brilliantly!”

Hopefully another example will clarify what I am trying to articulate. Jesus promised us His peace and joy, but are these soul emotions? No! Peace and joy are a person; Christ. Harriet Wearren explains: “I always think of peace as being the person of Christ. If we have Him, we have peace within no matter how we feel…..it is spiritual, not physical. “In this world ye will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” It is usually the opposite of peace that gets our attention to a person or something that is going on and this is what puts us into action of doing something or speaking a word of faith. This is the operation of God!”

By the operation of faith I say that I have peace and joy no matter outer circumstances and in the face of inner turmoil. We live by faith and not sight, that is, peace or emotions or whatever. That God in His grace for a period allows us to have good sensations and feelings as a sign of His love and His peace only demonstrates that He meets us where we are. However, these things will be devoured by fire in His time so that what remains is faith purified which is more precious than gold.

Jesus said: “I can of myself do nothing”, and further: “Without me you can do nothing.” Faith is perhaps most clearly understood in the context of our nothingness, and this nothingness is absolute. In the tests and trials of life every notion that we have a faith apart from God is thoroughly brought to nothing. This is indeed an act of grace and to our benefit, because coming to this realization takes a huge burden off our shoulders. Faith is then seen and understood as God believing in Himself by us. Come hell or high water, but what is spoken by us stands firm because faith is its own proof exactly because it is God’s own faith.

“I receive not testimony from man”, Jesus plainly told his audience in John 5. Faith, faith commissions and words of faith are strictly a matter between the individual and God. Many will not receive our testimony, or dismiss it or contradict it, so we do not either receive the testimony of man. Their opposing voices will only cause confusion and produce doubt. “He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself.” Faith is its own proof.

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16 Responses to Further into the Promised Land

  1. Jenny says:

    “Faith is then seen and understood as God believing in Himself by us.” This is a wonderful and peaceful thing to realize, especially in the confusion of conflicting voices. I, for one, am glad you continue to write about faith, as the Spirit takes you further into the Promised Land. Other people are learning and growing into this right along side you and your sharing your journey is so helpful for us. It makes me think of how in Christ we each encourage one another, building one another up.

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Thanks for such a gracious blessing, Jenny! I am truly grateful that this road I am taken along proves to be of help for others. Yes, that is the beauty of it all: we encourage and build each other up. Again, thanks!

  2. patti says:

    Love this! And love that you share such insight!

  3. Clint says:

    Great revelation my friend! I’m glad the spirit is taking you into deeper knowledge about faith as it certainly is a misunderstood subject in the church! If we would put a period at the beginning of Hebrews 11:3 it would say “Through faith we understand.”

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Thanks my friend! I am glad too, because this new understanding surely has turned things upside down in my mind. Yes, amen, great point! That’s it! Thanks!

  4. Mia says:

    Dear Ole
    Mike Yaconelli said in one of his books that it is only as we come to realize that we do not have faith, that real and true kind of faith, that we can go to our Pappa God and ask Him for faith. This revolutionized my outlook on faith! I never try to muster up faith in my own power anymore, but always ask Him whenever I need an extra portion. He so gracefully supplies all I need without finding fault at all. I cannot remember the name of the book now. Sorry!

    • Ole Henrik says:

      A wonderful revelation which is perfectly in line with what I attempted to share! Thanks for adding to the article with what you have learned about faith!
      Blessings to you too!

  5. Roel Velema says:

    Ole Henrik, things begin to fall into place. Faith is its own witness or testimony, the testimony that there is a cross in the heart of God. The testimony of Christ is the testimony that He conquered death by life (Rev. 1:2,18; 19:10). Speaking along the lines of Jacob Boehme, faith is God’s spoken word, His verbum fiat, to us to sacrifice the ‘dark principle’ in order to set the Trinity in motion to express Itself through the ‘light principle’. Faith can never be separated from the cross, yes, faith is the word of the cross to fix ourselves in self-for-God motion. The word of the cross and faith are folly to this world because the world has no part in the ‘light principle’. Therefore peace is an expression of Christ Himself. Faith is its own proof, it is spirit: God spoke and “God saw it was good’ (Gen. 1:4).

    • Ole Henrik says:

      This is amazing and tremendous…..WOW! Yes, my friend, things are truly beginning to fall into place. It was: “Yes, yes, yes” inside of me to everything you have written. I didn’t know you read Boehme…I have tried reading him, but more often than not I do not understand his weird self invented words like for instance “verbum fiat”, but here is the explanation to that expression in plain words. What a blessing and what a superb confirmation of what has been going on in me as I increasingly have been directed towards the speaking of the word of faith…the verbum fiat. God’s ways are truly amazing. “…to set the Trinity in motion to express itself through the ‘ligh principle'” YAY! The cross in the heart of God….to have a cross in the heart must also mean the possibility of rejection…..I know rejection. Mia has written about rejection in one of her blog posts….That is perhaps in a sense the outworking of the cross in the heart of God in our lives….perhaps…Thanks Roel for this blessing!

  6. Claude says:

    Dear Ole,
    I’m learning, experiencing intimacy with Father and KNOWING you are His and loved unconditionnally you just can’t escape faith, it wells up. Though I don’t understand the exact principle and how it works. Well a gift is a gift!

    Ole, I was going through one of these hard knocks and Holy Spirit must have led me to just discover your blog and I watched all your short videos. WOW! THANK YOU, IT REALLY BIRTHED SOMETHING IN ME, SUCH KEYS AND SO SIMPLE. JUST LIKE JESUS!

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Wow! I am almost rendered speechless by this, Claude! Your comment felt like a kiss from the Spirit! That is so true, it just wells up. And, yes and amen, a gift is a gift!

      That my videos which I produced a year ago are still watched and are a blessing is truly a work of the Spirit! Thanks for this tremendous encouragement! And I am so thrilled on your behalf that something was birthed in you!


      • Claude says:

        Tx Ole, yeah the Spirit’s kisses, so sweet!
        Just a little something He told me about faith today. First I have His Faith now (being ONE with Him) and then the only trouble or problem – whatever – with my faith is… is… unbelief, ha!
        If that makes sense! Blessings Bro!

      • Ole Henrik says:

        Yes, it makes sense. A lot of sense. And I like this: “I have His Faith now.” Thanks for sharing this!

  7. Claude says:

    Hi Ole again. I absolutely have to rectify my last comment.
    I have downloaded the pdf books collection of yours and in one of them, Rivers-of-living-waters there is this article from Fred Pruitt “I Am The Resurrection” in which he states our favorite declarations of unbelief. Complete eye opener and revelation from Papa.

    Statements of Unbelief:
    “I know Christ is in me, but I have to die to self.”
    “I know this is true, but a lot of me is still in God’s way.”
    “I’m in union with Christ, but it hasn’t yet started to work in me.”
    “God’s biggest problem is me.”
    “That sounds good, but I’m not that spiritual a person.”
    “I see what you say, but we have to remember that this is a process.”
    “I wish I could make that work, but I sin every day.”
    “I know that’s true in my spirit, but my flesh and my soul still have a long way to go.”
    “I’ve still got lots of obstacles to discover and overcome before I could say Christ is manifesting
    Himself fully in me.”

    There he says: And in that truth we now, in this moment, live spontaneously out of the reality that He and we are truly One! “As He is, so are we in this world” (1 John 4:17)
    IT CAME LIKE A SHOCK: if I’m one with Him and have HIS FAITH, it’s a total nonsense to say that the only problem with my faith is unbelief. Unbelief is irrelevant, I don’t have unbelief, it’s a lie. I can only say what He says and not joke about my unbelief. I wanted to make a good joke, duh!
    Let us just say and believe what He says about us and how He sees us and walk in this UNION.

    • Ole Henrik says:

      I have read the article several times and I sure needed this reminder too! Thanks! And what a tremendous breakthrough for you! Wow! You sure are proving your faith by what you have penned down here! Again, thanks!
      Blessings to you too!

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