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Whose Voice Do We Hear?

Eve could hear God’s voice in the Garden. God is Spirit, and only spirit can hear Spirit. Jesus draws our attention to hearing in John 8 when discussing with the Pharisees. He is basically saying that we are reflections of … Continue reading

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A Word is Spoken

Before the foundation of the earth a word was spoken: “The Lamb is slain.” Jesus is that Word who took on human flesh and who reproduces that word in all those who receive Him. As always, when a word is … Continue reading

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I have a rather nasty inflammation in my left shoulder. It is heavily affected by some of the exercises I perform at the gym. When it hurts all of me hurts, even my head. However, it pleases me to bruise … Continue reading

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The Simplicity of Faith

The quality of light is clearly communicated to us when contrasted to its opposite, darkness. Likewise, faith comes across crisp and distinct because it can be contrasted with doubt, appearances and opposing circumstances. Faith is explained by what it is … Continue reading

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In the Classroom

As a math teacher, I deal with facts every day. Faith is also dealing with facts, and earlier today I made some observations concerning how some of my students relate to math and given challenges. The parallels to the spiritual … Continue reading

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Facts of Freedom

By Donald Konick Does 2+2 yield 4 only when I believe it does or is it always 4? God’s Truth is fact, like gravity is a fact. You are free not to believe in gravity, and you are free (because … Continue reading

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The First Evidence

The centurion who Jesus praised for his great faith knew a thing or two about spiritual realities. He knew that when he spoke a word the thing was done. His spoken word was the first evidence of whatever he wanted … Continue reading

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Cycling Downhill

Cycling home from work I met a little boy, perhaps five years old, on his bike going downhill. He had a strained expression in his face, his eyes looked scared and very concentrated and the entire bike was unsteady and … Continue reading

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That I died with or in Christ must be taken literally. However, I didn’t notice any death on the body and soul level. So, it must have been my spirit that died, and in the same now it died it … Continue reading

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Hearing the Still Small Voice

Something stirs in me when I see sisters and brothers in Christ still caught up in law no matter how subtle it is. God is constantly calling us to come up higher – to leave behind the elementary teachings and … Continue reading

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