Faith is Substance

What does it mean that faith is substance? It must first of all mean that faith is an entity apart from anything else whether it is emotions, appearances, circumstances or whatever tangible or intangible we can imagine. Faith has its own particular life, not moved by anything. It is like a bright star shining of its own accord.

Peter walking on water is a faith illustration pointing to that the only thing that kept him from sinking was faith. The substance to carry Peter’s weight was not in the water. The water represents that there is nothing apart from faith that is substance. We like to find substance in perhaps an inner knowing, in peace, an inner seeing, in some sort of confirming emotion, in some sort of inner or outer experience or we look for signs that will give us some measure of substance. But, faith is found in none of these. Its substance is apart from all that. Yet, faith is swallowed up in knowing it is finished, even before we see any evidences.

But, nevertheless, faith is in us and as us. We walk in faith every day, but the paradox is that faith is also a choice – a commitment to something.

Faith also has this quality that it leaves reason in ruins, but yearns to be man’s reason.

Doubt and faith go hand in hand. Doubt is faith’s sparring partner training the faith muscle by its negatives and reverse motions. Faith yearns to be challenged, to be exercised and to be tried against the impossible. The nature of faith is that it rejoices when everything seems utterly hopeless and impossible, because it is the substance of the thing and thus knows it exists against whatever testimony to the contrary.

Faith does not make us its slaves; instead it becomes our servant in the will of God. We cannot find faith, but faith finds us and asks us to receive it so that it can be used by the one to whom it offers itself, and faith attracts to itself the secrets of God so that they are revealed to the one who has faith (to those much given more will be given).

Faith is a response to the Word of God either by how He speaks to us in the Bible concerning who we are or how we respond to His promises, or how He speaks personally to each and every one of us concerning a matter. Like with Mary God always takes the initiative and we receive in faith what He wants to do by us, and His commandments are not burdensome, because we will what He wills. But, faith is also found in: “What do you want me to do for you?”

I once had a question in regards to faith which I addressed to the Spirit. I asked Him how I was to know whether my faith was true or not. He said: “Everything you speak is true.” I didn’t understand what He meant right away. But, later I was reminded about Jesus’ words: “According to your faith be it unto you.” In a sense we speak into existence our own truth. Either a “truth” of bondage or a truth of liberty. Either a “truth” according to reason or a truth according to spiritual realities.

Faith is also a consciousness: It doesn’t spring forth from our thoughts which are the wisdom of man. It springs forth from a consciousness higher than ours and which we now partake from and are one with. Faith generates thoughts, but thoughts cannot generate faith.

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6 Responses to Faith is Substance

  1. Donald Konick says:

    Super Ole, Oh how right you are… Translated Jesus as YOU who speaks the Truth. Thanks Ole!

  2. Clint says:

    Hi Ole,
    Great article! I love the revelations you share and I follow your blog updates frequently. I was wondering the revelation you or any of your followers might have about a word of faith stand that turns into what seems like a crippling defeat. For example, a husband, who understands his oneness, praying for a separated spouse for reconciliation of their relationship and then the spouse runs off and gets pregnant to another man. The husband is now so disgusted and sickened by it he is unsure he wants his spouse back. I read your articles about when matters get much worse, that IS part of the manifestation, however something like this can be very crippling and feels like defeat. Do you follow? Is there any thought you have about something like this to keep that person going on with their word of faith. And yes I have been in multiple situations like this and it feels as doubt and defeat has got me down for good!

    Thanks again!

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Dear Clint! Your comment has followed me the entire day ever since I read it when I woke this morning. First, thanks for your kind words and for following by blog. I have a deep-felt compassion for the husband and I am not here to give any quick answers. I so very much agree: on the emotional level and rational level this sure must feel crippling and like a terrible defeat. The hurt must be beyond words. Yes, I wrote that when matters worsen that is a part of the manifestation. Words I wrote in faith. If I have any words that can keep this person going on with his word of faith? I am increasingly learning that I am not operating by my own faith, but God’s faith and when I am weak and often totally knocked out His faith somehow persists in me and drives me onward. When I am in a dark place having multiple anxiety attacks His faith carries me on towards a goal I yet only see afar off without yet having the inner knowing that only can come from Him. The curious thing is that the word I once spoke continues to well up in me no matter circumstances, emotions etc. I assume it is likewise with the husband. The word of faith once spoken about the marriage continues to well up in Him. From where does this upwelling come? I have only one answer. The same answer as you have. God. I know so well, it certainly feels like doubt and defeat have us down for good, but somehow the Spirit pulls us through. I stand in faith with you that whatever is spoken over this marriage is done. Have you read Norman Grubb’s Yes I Am? His chapters on speaking the word of faith have been instrumental in carrying me through periods so dark that you can cut through them with a knife. A couple of my friends who have walked this faith walk far longer than me speak about Commission, Cost and Completion. Cost is the hard part. It kills us again and again, but, there is always a resurrection. Thanks for sharing this with me!

      • Clint Freeman says:

        Thanks Ole!
        Yeah you did speak all the words on here by his faith for sure. I was not being critical or anything when I said that about the manifestation too. Two of your other great articles “Two Defeats Before The Victory” and “Joseph our Hope in Adverse circumstances” go hand and hand with this article as well as this topic. I read a lot of Norman’s Law Of Faith and checked out Yes I Am, great stuff. I am just beginning about learning of our union life for sure and you were the only one I knew and followed which is why I asked. The husband part was an example the Spirit had me use because I saw you were married and such which I knew you could relate. However I myself am going through a very similar situation! Thanks for the insight and I’ll be sure to track you down on Facebook and add you my brother!

      • Ole Henrik says:

        Thanks for being so gracious! Yes, several of my articles are written in faith. I have often said to God: “I don’t want to write this because this is outside my sphere of experience.” But, He is quite firm. Thanks for reminding me about those two posts! Will read them as soon as I can. So great you have discovered Norman! I am both humbled and feel a deep sense of gratitude that the Spirit has sent you to my blog. I am so sorry to hear that you are going through something like that. Truly sorry. Thanks for your Fb add! Good to have you around!

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