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Becoming Settled – An Exchange between Harriet Wearren and Ole Henrik

Ole Henrik: When you had spoken your word concerning your marriage did you often wrestle with doubt in regards to that you actually had heard from God and had spoken His word? Harriet: I did, but the same words of … Continue reading

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Binding and Loosing

By DeeDee Winter This was originally written to a friend who asked about a spouse…. You asked about “binding and loosing”…it is simply what we ‘say’ about a person or situation. We either hold/bind them or free/loose them by our … Continue reading

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That’s Called Grace

The following is from an email exchange. Q: I would like to know your thoughts and advice on the following. We have a new spirit and a new heart, so our souls are a pure expression of the indwelling spirit. … Continue reading

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Christ Speaking As Me

By Clint Freeman and Ole Henrik Skjelstad Moses and the burning bush is a type of how God speaks out of us. We all speak words of faith concerning a matter, both consciously and unconsciously. Christ’s faith is operative in … Continue reading

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Faith is Substance

What does it mean that faith is substance? It must first of all mean that faith is an entity apart from anything else whether it is emotions, appearances, circumstances or whatever tangible or intangible we can imagine. Faith has its … Continue reading

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Clouds That Dim Our Vision

We can easily store up an impressive conceptual knowledge-base about faith and mean a lot about it without knowing what it really is. It is my clear conviction that faith can only be learned in the school of faith in … Continue reading

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