Words of Faith and Hearing God

By Linda Bunting

Ole Henrik:  I assume you have spoken several words of faith of which some have been easy to speak and you have most likely forgotten all about them rather swiftly, whereas others must have cost you a lot both in waiting, opposing circumstances, suffering and travail. Concerning the “difficult” ones; what was the greatest challenge for you after you had spoken the word?

Linda: The greatest challenge to me after I had spoken a word of faith in a general way about the problem was that I heard the Spirit answer with a promise that my word was fulfilled.

His total healing HAD come for us.

For 2 years after that every outer appearance screamed at me that it was not true, but at the same time I would remember Norman’s precious words through the years; “Dahling, This is just a little mist on the mountain.” Somehow, miraculously, the appearances became small in contrast to the God who had promised, and better yet, HAD ALREADY FULFILLED HIS PROMISE. Not was going to, but had already done it.

Exercising faith is like exercising a muscle. At first it’s easy and doesn’t hurt, then comes the ache and pain; BUT as the muscle proves its strength, ease comes and we no longer have to struggle. Same with faith!

Ole Henrik: You heard the Spirit answer with a promise? Did you literally hear His voice or was it more like that He gave you a personal promise from the Bible? Yeah, appearances have a way of screaming at us…..

Linda: No promise from the bible. It was not the first time it had happened to me. I was talking to DeeDee one day about Kim and Karen and the small voice said in my head and heart; “I have healed her.” I told DeeDee I had to hang up … I had just had a word from the Lord.

I immediately said back to Him, how have you healed her? He said “Spirit, soul and body.” I am referring to my youngest who had been on Heroin etc. From childhood she also had a tendency to have mood swings.

With that word, I knew God had spoken. But as I said, the next two years’ appearances raged against what I had heard.

But one day, out of nowhere, she called and asked to come home.

The last 4 years have been blessings beyond anything I could have ever hoped to even ask for.

Years and years ago, the same problem presented itself to another one of my children.

I heard it over the TV at that time. I immediately called Harriet to tell her, because I knew if I didn’t tell it, I would begin to doubt myself and what I had heard. Just that! I wasn’t even interested in what I was watching… in fact it was an advertisement … but the Spirit overrode my brain and spoke in my spirit saying: “John is NOT an alcoholic.” Two nights before he was drunk on my kitchen floor … the next morning I was telling about his condition, that he was going nowhere in life and needed to go to AA. So when the ‘WORD’ came IN me, I had to rise up to what the Spirit was about to do in both of us.

I had told my child everything I could think of on the appearances of his problem. But after hearing that word I had to write him a letter telling him the truth about himself and what had been accomplished for him at Calvary. That he was no longer a slave to alcohol etc. He was perfect in God’s sight, but that it was not good enough for God to know it: God would not stop until he knew it about himself.

A year later the same appearance happened and when my accusing finger went up,
John, my son, spoke right back to me saying. … “Mother, have you forgotten what God told you in His promise?”

Well, that shut me up and all these years later, alcohol hardly ever touches his lips and he is well adjusted in his faith journey.

Need I say more!

Ole Henrik: Many of us have heard God speaking to us, but then doubt overwhelms us and we dismiss what we have heard as if it is a product of our imagination.

Linda: No imagination here, darling, for we are spirit people. What God speaks, although faint at first, we sheep hear and know His voice! Right? Right!

(DeeDee is DeeDee Winter who runs the normangrubb.com website. Norman is Norman Grubb. Harriet is Harriet Wearren who is Linda’s neighbor and good friend. Linda runs the christasus.com website. Both DeeDee and Harriet have contributed with magnificent articles on this blog. DeeDee on the rightness of our souls, and Harriet on faith. Linda’s children mentioned in this article have given their permission to have their stories on print.)

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2 Responses to Words of Faith and Hearing God

  1. allison choice says:

    Yes, God does speak loud and clear, Linda I’ve experienced similiar, asking God about a particular situation and instantly He spoke, the comfort and joy from those (many) intimate moments.

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