A Dialog between Donald Konick and me

Donald: Pi is a constant in math, so math could not exist without it.  God is a constant, so Life cannot exist without Him. Pi goes on forever! God also is forever! It is very interesting that the first number of Pi is 3…Father, Son, & Holy Ghost… all the numbers after the decimal are all the people who believe in Him… which is more than the stars of heaven or the sand of the sea.

Ole Henrik: Another thing with pi: Since it has an infinite number of decimals we can never know the exact circumference of a circle. The circle is unbroken, but we never know its exact “length” – what a paradox…..

Donald: Just had a few thoughts on the 1 John 5:14 “And this is the confidence that we have in him, that if we ask anything according to his will, he heareth us:” A carnal Christian does not know his son-ship. He may make many prayers but he is still a little child! When a parent listens to their child some of the requests are not granted.

Jesus knew who He was, so when raising Lazarus, He said “Father I thank you that you hearest me.” & the Father said “I always hear you.” to which Jesus said “Yes, I know that you always hear me, but I said this so that they would know.” When the Father said “I always hear you” that was NOT written in the scriptures, so the only way to know it is to read between the lines. Jesus would not have said “Yes, I know you always hear me…” unless the Father had said that to Him.

So when you know your son-ship ye shall ask what ye will & it shall be done unto you… which translates to what John said “If ye ask anything according to His will He heareth us.” It’s the same thing. The key is you have to know UNION! When you know that you are a son of God then whatever you ask will be granted.

Ole Henrik: I have now and then been thinking along the same lines you so cleverly present here. What I face as a huge challenge is whether I am now a father or not. I presume this is a matter of faith as well, speaking out that I am a father who God always hears in the face of contradictory emotions and circumstances.

I believe there is a secret in this “according to His will”. It seems to me that we come to a point after much suffering where we give up the idea of a will apart from His and subject “our” will under His will (another paradox).

Donald: I’ve been thinking… Light does not stay still… Light moves… Look at the universe… it is moving outward… when Christ comes into us… we move on! This is very weird for me… because when I sit still… I’m still moving!

Ole Henrik: Wow!!! Yes!!! That light-Jesus analogy spoke volumes to me! The study of the properties of light will provide us with spiritual insight…..wow….how cool is that….even when we sit still we are moving….ever expanding. The universe is in one sense a shadow of our consciousnesses – ever expanding in Christ!

Donald: I know from experience that people who really don’t know will throw cold water on anything they don’t get. If you read 1 Corinthians 13:7 it says that charity believes all things.

Along time ago when I was first a Christian I read that whole chapter at the end it says that charity is the greatest of all it says “there remains these three, Faith, Hope, & Charity… the greatest of these is Charity. So I prayed to Papa for the Greatest, & He gave it to me. Jesus Christ is Charity! That’s what I share with you, because Charity never fails!

Ole Henrik: The thoughts of the righteous are right (Proverbs 12:5). Takes quite a leap of faith to pass that edge, eh?

Donald: You’re right but that is only because like Norman used to say we still seem to have some of the old grave clothes on, or like I say; we’ve spent so much time in the tree of the knowledge of good & evil & it’s God who has to show us we’re not that person now & will never be that person ever again. Isn’t that a super thing to know?

Ole Henrik: Do you think it is possible to stand in faith for something based on false hopes? Does there exist such a thing as false hopes?

Donald: False hopes are from the tree of the knowledge of good & evil. Norman used to say you only know things by their opposites … hot, cold … soft, harsh… truth, lie…So a lie is false truth & comes from the tree of the knowledge of good & evil, anything from that tree is satan. We don’t have those hopes (false) because of Jesus Christ, Because He has literally taken us over… & He says “There is nothing you can do against the Truth, only for the Truth.”

So if for a while a Christian is caught up in some lie Jesus will untangle it, He will also use that tiny mess to bring more glory to Himself for untangling the lie. Because, it has been fixed in eternity “That Love NEVER FAILS!” Jesus Christ is Love… So He WILL NOT… CAN NOT… EVER FAIL! Won’t happen… EVER!

This thought just occurred to me; atheist have lots of false hope, the greatest being that there is no God. In spite of what they say as the scripture says at the end of the world “Every knee will bow & confess that Jesus Christ is LORD.” That includes them also, whether they like it or not.

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2 Responses to A Dialog between Donald Konick and me

  1. Roel Velema says:

    In an attempt to be practical on pi and aiming to keep the connection of pi with circles in mind, my wandering thoughts arrived at the following.
    All Christians belong to circles or companies, at least one, “the circle of those who were being saved” (Acts 2:47, Dutch translation). There are circles to avoid and circles to enter. We should not enter the circle of the law where death reigns (Ex. 19:12), nor the circle of the scoffers, profane mockers or revelers (Ps. 1:1; 35:16; Jer. 15:17). The circle to be is with the upright and in the company of God’s people (Ps. 111:1; Ez. 13:9). So, in search for the proper circles or companies PI becomes the acronym of Proper Involvement. Those who enter into these proper circles are the true pi-ous believers who show pi-ety. A wandering thought said: “Who says that pi is not in Scripture?”
    “Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals” (1 Cor. 15:33).
    Do not be misled, bad circles corrupt, remember PI.

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