Dead People Are Free

The freedom Jesus promised those who would receive His divine life can be nothing less but the freedom found in God. If a person is to be truly free he has to be free from everything to such an extent that he is accountable to no one or nothing. He is not bound to any doctrine, article or law save the law of liberty. In freedom there is no fear, obligations, commandments or coercion.

Freedom must start in desire. It is desire that is the driving force that puts a person in motion. Every desire is unique because God is unique in every person in whom Christ dwells. It says that God grants the desires of your heart – not the desires that others might have for you. He only rewards what He has deposited in every unique person because freedom is individualized and it has to be this way or else there would be no corporate freedom.

The feet must have their individual freedom or else a person would not be able to walk. The eyes have to function independently from the ears, or else there would be no clear vision or hearing. It is each body part’s freedom that ensures that the whole body works in harmony and according to its design without any conflicts of desire or expression.

The arms do not expect the hips to function differently from their unique construction or that they are to take over for the arms. Each body part has its burden, but at the same time they carry the other parts of the body exactly because they are free. And freedom equals loneliness. Force the kidneys to be the liver, and not only would the kidneys be unhappy because they desire to be kidneys, but the whole body would suffer tremendously.

Freedom must spring from the heart of God or else it is not freedom. God is not deterred or petrified by freedom, because there is always a cross in true freedom. The knees are worn out and spent so that the rest of the body can be mobile. It says that God will fill up every valley and close every gap, that is, fill every need, but most of us are surprised that He does in, as and by us. Freedom finds its ultimate expression in that He was rejected, despised and a man of sorrows dying and rising for those who hated Him, and every day this is reenacted in us because we are free.

Freedom is to step out of ourselves and assume our position in the heavenlies beholding He living our lives for the benefit of others. Freedom is to accept ourselves and our unique desires and makeup because it is He living. Freedom is to be dead and raised to newness of life. It is to assume no responsibility because dead people are free from any responsibility. And all this would be impossible without the Spirit.

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6 Responses to Dead People Are Free

  1. Donald Konick says:

    There you go Ole, Now you have it! That’s Union. I couldn’t of said it any better, well done!

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Thanks my friend! I had three sentences when I began writing…..the rest just came…..

      • Matt Dickson says:

        Thank you Ole, Encouraging word. The Lord is alluring me to a place that is barren, past fruitfulness, dead. Although my natural man is struggling with this truth, the Spirit is saying come up here. The Heavenly man!

      • Ole Henrik says:

        Yes, my friend, He is ever expanding our consciousnesses to truly show us who we are. Thanks!

  2. Roel Velema says:

    Yes, the word ‘expansion’ is what I was looking for. That is what David thought of when the Lord set him in a large place (Ps. 118:5). ‘Large place’ were his marvelous words for ‘resurrection’ and ‘ascension’.

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