Prayer – An Agreement Between Bride and Bridegroom

It was vital for Jesus to reestablish prayer in the realm of faith. He had made it absolutely clear that vain repetition of words would avail nothing. Prayer had to be brought out of the realm of self-effort to the realm of the Spirit. Thus He said to the astonished disciples: “Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

The use of the word “whatever” means that prayer is no longer to be judged according to the tree of knowledge to good and evil, including its subtle branch: “Is my prayer for others?” It is God who is at work in you to both will and do in accordance with His good pleasure, Paul bluntly wrote. Understood in this context of freedom prayer was to be reinstated as a spontaneous outflow of the Spirit in the believer – whether in intelligible words or not.

And finally, believe that you have received it is another way of saying that the thing is done by God, and that there is nothing you can do to aid Him in the outworking of the manifestation – simply because He is the One who is God. Vain repetition of words or any effort towards assisting God would add nothing to the already finished result. Only believe!

One last thing: When Jesus educates the disciples on marriage and divorce in Mark 10 He says that the two, husband and wife, are one flesh. This is a shadow of our true and only marriage with Christ. Since husband and wife are one flesh, Christ and those who are joined to Him are one spirit/Spirit. Thus, if properly understood, Jesus’ words on prayer in Mark 11:24 make full circle back to Him, meaning that prayer is an agreement between bride and bridegroom.

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8 Responses to Prayer – An Agreement Between Bride and Bridegroom

  1. Donald Konick says:

    Ole, this is so refreshing, you are absolutely right… thank you!


  2. Ashley Hong says:

    Wonderful Ole.

  3. Sharon Palmer Tucker says:

    Prayer was to be reinstated as a spontaneous outflow of the spirit in the believer…whether in intelligible words or not! Powerful! The deeper you go…it is more often ‘word of the spirit’ or ‘the words I speak to you ARE SPIRIT’…Thank you Henrik…as always, for rich word! ❤

  4. Matt Dickson says:

    Prayer flowing from the tree of knowledge of good and evil seems to be centered on trying to manipulate the Father by changing our circumstances. Some times I think that He gives us what we ask for to show us that what we have desired will not fulfill us. After all, didn’t God give Israel a king when they asked for one. When Hezekiah was dying, he prayed to live15 more years. Although God answered his prayer, I find it interesting that he produced Manasseh, a king who may have been the most wicked king of Israel. I wonder if God was showing us what our offspring looks like when it comes from the wrong tree. Although He was a king who was very special to the Lord, Hezekiah seemed content as long as there was peace in his lifetime. He didn’t seem concerned with what would happen to Israel after his lifetime. Our Father has been trying to show me how to pray without ceasing. It has never worked for me as it has been authored from the wrong tree. He has been trying to show me how my prayers have little to do with my thoughts, my will and my desires. Prayer is Him. His will becomes my will and His Spirit flows through me like the water in Ezekiel flowing out from the Temple. Thank yo Ole, for encouraging us to eat from the Tree of Life.


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