The Talents

The parable of the talents in a way takes up the thread from the parable of the prodigal son where the Father says to the son: “All mine is yours.” The parable of the prodigal son illustrates how the returned son is awakened to faith and takes possession of his possessions and leaves any religious baggage at the threshold, whereas the second son remains on the outside, and even receives a reprimand from his father concerning his unbelief. The invitation is extended to both sons to enter all the Father is, but only one of them accepted the gift.

God is not an austere master. Whenever He invites us to come up higher the faith to do so is provided, but we are responsible to receive and take advantage of God’s own faith which He confers lavishly upon us. This is also true about every faith commission into which He takes us. The faith to accomplish the task is provided, and we learn to invest this faith so that what in the beginning seemed like little and wavering faith is added upon so that it becomes perfect faith; five talents become ten talents.

There is also boldness involved in using the talents that graciously are endowed upon us. The one who buried his talent stepped back in fear and his talent was taken away from him. What we learn is that God, the creator of the universe, rewards boldness. We do not, however, find this boldness as something inherent human, but we partake from the Son’s boldness. We are seated with Him in heavenly places, and since we now are accepted into the triune fellowship the boldness of Jesus is ours.

What we easily overlook when we read these parables is that we are all those persons in the parables. It is by the Lord’s doing that we are transformed into being the daring one with five talents – by Christ in us. All these transformations transpire in our consciousnesses as we are taken from glory to glory in faith, increasingly recognizing Christ as our life. These things are, however, not automatic. We are definitely involved in these transformations by our leaps of faith.

In the parable of the talents we learn that there are many who are against the king, and at the end of the parable the following decree is issued: “Slay all those who are against me.” Who are those who are against the reign of the Lord if it is not all those faulty beliefs that we somehow are something more than empty vessels?

Our point of departure is usually that we think that we somehow have faith apart from the One who is one person with us. In any faith adventure one of God’s objectives is to strip us of any ideas that we have faith apart from Him – that we can do it apart from Him. Frustrations, circumstances etc will slay us until what is left is the Lord as us. This sure is a refining process that presses us into He who is our life – not as a separate person inside of us, but as one person with us.

Faith is both natural and unnatural depending on our angle of perception. It is definitely unnatural to walk on water, and investing our talents is indeed walking on water. But, in God that veil that separates the natural and the unnatural is rent in two. Faith asks us to step into the unknown, that is, stepping behind the veil, because it is now possible to do so. Faith is our response to revelation, and it is faith because the object of our faith is a Person who is faithful and who cannot lie. Faith is further aligning ourselves with the “it is done” consciousness of the Father.

Boldness is commitment since faith also requires that we speak our words of faith in accordance with the pattern that is shown us by revelation. We believe, hence we speak. Our faith commitment is easily discerned by what we speak.

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4 Responses to The Talents

  1. Matt Dickson says:

    Seeing myself as one with Christ throughout the volume of the scriptures has been life changing. After all, are we not to be a living epistle. Isn’t the Word written in flesh and not in ink. So often the talents are generated from my own strength and from the strength of those around me. Always hording manna for tomorrow, and never seeing how worm infested it has become. The worst part is forcing others to eat it. I have found the treasure. Christ Himself is truly the talent within us. Also, I wonder if the one who woke up his friend at midnight and persisted until he received bread, is like the christian always petitioning the Father. Hopefully, at some point, we get tired of our rituals and crave something deeper in the Lord than our cheap declarations about God. I believe this parable mentions almost casually that the children were at home in bed resting with their father. Could this be an invitation for us to enter the rest and be at union with our true Father. Then we wouldn’t have to beg at midnight. When we are in union with Him, all He has is ours, because what He desires is what we desire.

    Thank you for encouraging me to go after the Lord!

    Matt Dickson

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Amen, amen and amen! Wonderfully put! Flesh and blood haven’t revealed this to you. Oh yes, desire proceeds from the source and one with Him there is only one will, one direction, one Spirit and one faith. Thanks for encouraging me to continue writing, Matt! Have a blessed day!

  2. patti musick says:

    I have been thinking about this very parable for some time and asking God to explain it to me through union because I seemed to only be able to see it through separation. And here you have written on the very thing and God has done it again…encouraged both of us! You by writing it and me by reading it and He is in the both! Lovely!
    I love how you said that we are all the people in the parables being transformed by Him. I had an inkling from the Spirit it was about faith but He used you to clarify it for me.

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Wow! You have no idea, Patti, how much your comment encouraged me, and confirmed what I wrote in faith! Thanks for taking the time to pen down your thoughts and your process in understanding this passage! Thanks for blessing me like this!!

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