Easy, Right

After having posted yesterday’s entry “Crossing the Red Sea” I asked John Collings to read it and share his immediate thoughts on what I had written. This is his reply which blessed me tremendously:

Our point of perception certainly matters in this grasping of the faith that isn’t our own and that starting point matters until He carries us beyond our perception and without “Revelation it will Remain so.” Ultimately, our faith, our desires and even our actions are not our own.  They are His and purposed through us.  From where I sit, it isn’t a matter of me asking what I will, because it is His will in me; so how can it go wrong.  It only goes wrong or does not manifest, if it is me apart from Him which is only an illusion.

The difference between Mary, Zacharias, Jesus and me is our perception of the truth.  God takes care of any misconceptions from his vessels by giving us the perfect way to understand; through pondering, through becoming mute, through a time in our own personal dessert of revelation.  Still what we see until we see with His eyes is our limited grasp of what He is up to around and through us.  We see through the glass darkly, he certainly sees clearly.  It is His plan and His doing.  Of course His Desire will come to pass.  So when we understand who we truly are, then how can our desires help but work out.  They are His planted in us for the purpose of bearing His fruit.

Easy, Right.

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