The Outworking of the Manfestation

Assume you desire to build a cabin. Let it be clear that every desire is pure and holy since it issues from the One who has joined Himself to us. Before you commit yourself to the task of building you undertake some calculations and find you can do it. You say: “I will build this cabin!” The path towards the manifestation might be long and weary. You will have to hire or ask people to stand by your side to accomplish the task. Along the road there are bound to be frustrations: Craftsmen who do not show up at the appointed time, there might be long periods of seemingly standstill, you will become weary, there will be times you regret ever having begun on the project, you might doubt it will ever be finished and you might even injure yourself during the building process. And of course relationships might become strained during the process. You will perhaps also face accusations and various charges about this or that.

However, as the cabin is nearing its completion you will feel it in all of you. The signs are there. And you will find new energy and joy, and perhaps impatience will overtake you. One day the cabin stands there in all its glory. But, the cabin was finished the moment you said your word of faith. All in between are what we call appearances and circumstances, but they were all a part of and necessary for the outworking of the manifestation. They were not your enemies, but your allies in the building process.

The above is a shadow or allegory of the spoken word of faith by us that is sparked by a desire. We have spoken His word of faith concerning a thing He wants done. We are His mouthpieces. In the instant the word is spoken the thing is done. From our earthly perspective caught within the limitations of time it might not seem so. But in the same NOW the decree was made the thing is done. Do you believe it is so?

The substance or evidence for that it is finished or that the thing is done is found in Him who cannot lie. When the word is spoken He has committed Himself to it. And He is trustworthy and will accomplish whatever He pleases. However, as with the cabin there might be a period of time before what is spoken see its manifestation in the temporal realm. As mentioned, in the spirit realm there exists no such thing as time.

And as in the example above we will face many of the exact same frustrations as the cabin builder, but the so called appearances and circumstances are all factors in God’s scheme of things and when added together form the intricate pattern (only God knows all the whys) for the outworking of the manifestation.

Hence, judge righteous judgments. God is not against you. Judge appearances rightly. They are not against you (even though it might seem so). They work for you. They are not your enemies, but your friends. You will wear yourself out if your try to combat them or oppose them, because God is in the midst of them. Flow with them and you will be at peace. The thing is done the instant you spoke the word. And the word won’t return unto you void. The how, when, where etc are all in God’s hands.

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4 Responses to The Outworking of the Manfestation

  1. Donald Konick says:

    Yes Ole, I agree totally with what you wrote… What ever we ask for whether it’s for a Table, or for a person to be saved, because of Jesus… God hears us & it is done. Praise God!

  2. Ashley Hong says:

    Great Word Ole..I have been thinking about a similar idea of the same line.

    Thanks for the confirmation. Our decisions and actions are part of His plans as well, so can joyfully do them without any condemnation even when things are not going tooo well. Worse yet when we and other believers tell us that is not His WILL.Nevertheless the end product really is part of His plan for us as US..

    Cheers Bro

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