Further musings on faith

I have been out driving a lot this morning running various errands. Spending time alone in the car offers me some time to ponder various things and, again, faith was a theme. It suddenly hit me with force that there is a close connection between will and faith, as if they sometimes are the same thing. Will is from our heart, that is, our spirit/Spirit union and faith is spirit dealing with matters beyond the scope of our natural senses.

When faith dawns upon us, as it were, we make a faith choice – some call it a faith stand. This is a resolve that a thing is done. Come hell and high water, but our faith decision stands firm. Of course we will wrestle with doubt, but this doubt is “designed” to make our resolve even more firm. We are daily confronted with the temptation of yielding to doubt, and appearances that will pour at us. I am learning that words are indeed important in a faith commission.

It is so tempting to succumb to everything that pours at us at use the word “if”. “If this is done then……” But, then we are not in faith anymore. “Since this is done then…..” is faith. Most of the things we do in our daily life are faith. “I want to do this.” And as a consequence the thing is done. Then we have those faith adventures that go far beyond what we normally call “daily life.” It is no longer in our hands to fulfill the word. It is all in God’s hands.

We know the desire, we have spoken our word and now our eyes are on God. It is still a faith decision. It is still a choice. It is still something from the heart (will). Some speak about misinterpreting a desire. Yesterday it struck me that the only way we can misinterpret a desire is by trying to fulfill it ourselves. The parallel is evidently Abraham who received a desire beyond His abilities to fulfill and who misinterpreted it by trying to fulfill it himself (Hagar).

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4 Responses to Further musings on faith

  1. Fred Pruitt says:

    Great word, Ole Henrik!

  2. Donald Konick says:

    There you go Ole… Now you’re talking Norman (Jesus) stuff… AMEN!!! Well said!

    P.S. The shop Died yesterday at 5:30 P.M. cause I left… it was enough… It’s over!
    Praise God!

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Thanks Donald! I know you know these things so well and hence it is such a joy to have them confirmed by you.
      Amen! Praise God! An epoch is over and a new is made ready for you and you have already walked into it!

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