A Dialectic Understanding of Our Self

In the course of an e-mail exchange with Nancy Gilmore she mentioned that a dialectic understanding of our self is needed. I am not well schooled in the ins and outs of the dialectic approach to a given issue so I had to do some reading. What I found coupled with Nancy’s statement spurred the following response from me.

Have read some definitions on what dialectic means and perhaps the most fruitful approach for us is the branch that deals with objective vs. subjective. When you write about a dialectic understanding of the self the objective side is our assertion that we are one person with God even though we are two (dualism). However, such an idea will not be of much use for the individual until this has become a subjective inner knowing, that is, a consciousness. The process from something we first take objectively until it becomes experience (subjective) is rather mysterious and difficult to pin down in mere words since it is an inward work by the Spirit and thus has to be the object of faith. There are definitely some absolutes in the Bible in regards to a variety of things, but these absolutes are always the objects of tensions because we also find in the Bible things that seems to contradict these absolutes so in the end we are forced to make some faith stands that are strictly personal, like for instance; do I walk according to the flesh or the Spirit? Can I sin or cannot I sin? Is God strictly love or is there wrath in God? If I am to be personal in a discourse like this my faith stands are that I always walk after the Spirit, that I cannot sin, that I am complete and perfected, that God is only love and that I am one person with God.

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1 Response to A Dialectic Understanding of Our Self

  1. wempy says:

    There is still some tension in the thought of some individuals, but when we come to Christ who is our beam so as to provide warmth to the body and the different colors in which it was lifted out of more than a feeling and that is a new awareness that caused the Spirit who makes I was one with Christ.

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