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That Old Self Is Dead

The following is something Fred Pruitt wrote me three years ago: My only reaction to what you have shared about seeing your “self” more clearly, its corruptness, its need for attention, affirmation etc. … all that. Well my friend, boom-shakalackala … Continue reading

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A Dialectic Understanding of Our Self

In the course of an e-mail exchange with Nancy Gilmore she mentioned that a dialectic understanding of our self is needed. I am not well schooled in the ins and outs of the dialectic approach to a given issue so … Continue reading

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The Burning Mountain

While meditating on desire and how central it is in our walk as new creations I saw something in a glimpse which I will try to verbalize. The burning mountain stood before me as an image of God’s desire, and … Continue reading

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Hope, Faith and Doubt

God never sleeps nor slumbers. He perpetually desires to reach some objective by us. Driven by His desires we thus often find we walk in alien terrain – even hostile it seems now and then. We gingerly set one foot … Continue reading

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