God in Our Humanity

By Nancy Thompson (Written summer 2007)

There are two monikers of Christ that are used:  Son of God and Son of Man.

In earlier understandings, most of us saw the two as separate names.  While we know that these two titles are true and have accepted them by faith, the uniting of the Son of God and the Son of Man in our consciousness reveals the One – Christ.

Christ is the only begotten Son of the Father, thus the Son of God.

Christ also, is the Son of Man, which relates to His humanity as man and so Christ, in His humanity, is the visible expression of the invisible God – complete and perfect union of God and Man.

There is and always has been and always will be the only begotten Son.

Christ reconciles man and God so that we are now sons of God, through the Son of God and the Son of Man.  The two are one – one what?  One Person and One Spirit.  By the One Person and Spirit, Christ expresses His divinity and humanity.

We then are sons of God through the Son and as we live in the tent of our bodies, Christ expresses Himself as the Son of God and Man, completely uniting in Himself, both God and man; He the elder brother of many brothers.

Our particular humanity – our personal traits, likes, dislikes, problems, adverse conditions, our reactions, especially to things that disturb us is the very stuff and ground that God uses as a jumping off point to cause us to act, as He.  He causes us, through our adverse reactions to do of His good will and pleasure.

Every person has their ‘hot buttons’, to use a worldly phrase, things that bug us – things that make us angry, jealous – things that kick-start our emotions into high gear.

God, through our emotions, serve Him and causes us to move and to act he He.

While in the disturbance, our souls – emotions are in high gear.

The key, however, is to realize that in these disturbances, it is God Himself who uses our emotions as His starting point to act.

We’ve all gone through scenarios, when our emotions are high – but it is NOT through the emotions we act; for when we act while the flames are high, sometimes the result is that we get burned or burn others.  We act rashly, out of the emotions and the result is a  continuing fire of whirling wheels – no release.

The fire of emotions (soul disturbances) must die, become embers, then finally, white, dead ash and subsequently die out as ashes before we move out to act.  To act before the dying out of the heat of the fire – adds more fuel to the fire and we continue to burn and possibly burn or inflame others.

At this point, we say – “OK, God, you sent this thing/circumstance to get me all fired up – what are you going to do in this and what is it you will do, by me, to act?”  “You’ve got my attention, now – what are you going to do?

This is one example of how the division of soul and Spirit takes place.

God is the one who disturbs our souls/emotions BUT uses this disturbance to cause us to ‘die to the fire of the emotion so that He reveals Himself through it by His Spirit.

It is a profound revelation to know that God puts us through circumstances – getting us all fired up – in order for He – Himself to reveal Himself as love, for God is love and for others.

He begins to reveal Himself through our soul disturbance in order that He manifests Himself through His Spirit, through the emotions, which He disturbed.

Thus, the Son of Man, Christ – in our human reactions begins His work to disturb us in our humanity – we joined to Him – to cause us to act through His humanity as sons of God – through the only begotten Son of God – to reveal Himself to others as love; the Son of Man AND the Son of God as ONE.

Because ‘to live IS Christ’, He disturbs us with what disturbs Him and His life as the only life in us – manifested in the flesh (our bodies) causes us to act according to His purposes.

Be thou no more afraid of that which disturbs you, for now you know His purpose through all the ages is for His sake and glory, that Christ is magnified in our mortal bodies.

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10 Responses to God in Our Humanity

  1. Ashley Hong says:

    Ole..This is so Good, applies to my daily living.Thanks you !

  2. Nina says:

    Hmmm. Seems i’m going thru a whirlwind of emotional disturbances right now. This sure puts it into perspective. Question is, when does the Lord manifest himself thru these disturbances because it feels pretty much like a storm right now! LOL

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Hi Nina! Nancy’s article was very helpful for me too, not least in helping me to see all my emotions as something God-given, something God perfectly uses for His purposes. And I have faced the same as you lately – big emotions. You know, I was marveling at the exact same question when I read the article for the first time. How and when does He manifest Himself? Perhaps it is a faith thing? We just say He does in whatever fashion that pleases Him…….Anyway, I hope things will calm down for you and that God will answer some of your questions. I just want you to know that you are safe in His love. You are perfect and cannot be improved upon. Blessings Nina!

  3. Nina says:

    Hi Ole. Thanks for your encouraging words! I do believe now that i am alright – all-right, though my
    emotions toss me to and fro at times! I have found comfort in The Jesus that John Knew series by
    Paul Anderson Walsh. Epidoses 69 and 70 really spoke to me. I recommend them. Blessings. Nina

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Thanks for your recommendation, Nina! Yes, you are perfect and cannot be improved upon so we might as well begin to accepts ourselves as we are accepted with emotions, soul reactions and the whole package.
      Blessings to you too!

  4. The Single Eye says:

    I’ve had to read this a couple of times to let it sink in. We don’t live according to the flesh and all its desires, but by the Spirit. We put our soul appetites under control and God causes us to walk in His ways. For some, it’s always an emotional roller coaster of turmoil- one that I believe is based on lack of trust or faith. Sure, we have our humanity to contend with and enjoy, but when we finally yield to Christ and truly believe in our hearts “Not I but Christ”, then we live in harmony and accord in the Spirit- as Deep calls unto Deep, He doesn’t have to drag us along in all this turmoil, for we “know that we know”, and doubt is swallowed up by union and obedience. Seems like the picture Nancy paints is one of conflict and discord, the ups and downs that come before the true surrender and harmony is realized. God didn’t create soap operas, right? 😉

  5. Nancy says:

    Dear The Single Eye: Thank you for your reply to my piece. Yes, we live according to the Spirit, I agree. But that does not negate the fact that we have soul disturbances from time to time. I know the difference between acting from soul versus Spirit and I have acted from both places at differing times. I am not saying that we continually live an emotional roller-coaster life, but in my early days as a new Christian I did until I learned the difference between soul/Spirit. God is the only one who can train me in the Way I am supposed to go. You seem to believe that when there are emotional disturbances present, that that supposes lack of faith or trust on our part. I disagree. We have no faith; it is God’s faith in Himself, that moves us. I can have ‘no part’ to play other than the obedience of faith and even that, as I said, comes from the Father. The picture you paint to me is one of rosy Christianity where everything is hunky dory. For me, I have gone to hell for people, where there are real guts and blood and messes, but God was always in the mess and I was sent there to ‘save much people alive’. For now, I do not live for my-self but for others, whom God sends my way. You must be very fortunate to live a life of surrender and harmony and not feel the pain of other people in their messes and hell. I am God’s soap opera and I know when He disturbs me; it is for someone else.

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