Where Are Your Accusers?

“Where are your accusers?” Jesus asked the woman taken in adultery. One by one they withdrew until she couldn’t hear or see them anymore. By Jesus’ word the accusations and charges dissipated – they were effectively taken out of the equation to be no more heard or seen in her consciousness.

Jesus bowed down and wrote on the ground when the accusers brought the woman to Him. In her agony and shame the woman saw a small Jesus before her. Then He stood up and filled her vision and uttered those releasing and liberating words: “Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.”

The accusers brought her into a temple with a floor made of stone covered with dust. It is the accusing finger of the law that brings us to Jesus, but in His presence that old law is shown for what it really is; an archeological artifact that is collecting dust. It is obsolete.

While all these things transpired the woman stood there fixed at the same spot in the temple; in the center of the court. She needed, however, a new center. Thus, Jesus tells her to leave this temple. “Go on your way.” Leave the former things. They are no more. Jesus is now your center. You are now a branch on Him budding with fresh fruit.

Christ filling our inner vision seeing Him in totality as our life is the consciousness that beholds no iniquity. Engrafted into Him it is His life that flows like a mighty river through our branches revealing the Father to the world. The axe is laid to the root of the former tree. You are a new creation.

The lawgiver, the one who chiseled the letter in stones has become the cornerstone in whom the law is fulfilled in every one who builds upon Him.

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4 Responses to Where Are Your Accusers?

  1. Lennart - South Africa :-) says:

    Ole, there are certain incidents in the Bible that I believe are very important and this is one of them. Modern philosophy is that is you are hurt or wronged, you talk about it, get it out in the open, preach about it, teach on it, ….etc etc.
    Look at this story again, Jesus did not once mention her sin. He just said “Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.”
    Lots to think about! 🙂 Blessings

  2. Donald Konick says:

    Jesus is always the best, whether a solution, an answer, or a blessing… He is that & everything else… well go figure!

    Love… Don

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