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God in Our Humanity

By Nancy Thompson (Written summer 2007) There are two monikers of Christ that are used:  Son of God and Son of Man. In earlier understandings, most of us saw the two as separate names.  While we know that these two … Continue reading

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Where Are Your Accusers?

“Where are your accusers?” Jesus asked the woman taken in adultery. One by one they withdrew until she couldn’t hear or see them anymore. By Jesus’ word the accusations and charges dissipated – they were effectively taken out of the … Continue reading

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Goodly Flesh

The letter is only that; theory. It is something outside me that I somehow try to relate to but I do not know it before it comes alive in me. We can discuss theory and we can discuss the letter, … Continue reading

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A Song of Praise

By Mary Blair Thank you Father for everything you bring into our lives both the negatives as well as the positives.  Your love for us has no boundaries.  You cause us to see the beauty all around us and rejoice … Continue reading

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Filled and Controlled by the Holy Spirit

While reading Acts in the Amplified Version of the Bible the other day I came over this: “Filled and controlled by the Holy Spirit.” I made a search in Acts and found five instances of this particular way of describing … Continue reading

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The Gift of Faith

Faith is the substance of the things hoped for. Sometimes it just is there like a hidden undercurrent carrying me on its wings without me giving it much attention. Even when I cannot believe its rivers flow ceaselessly. There are … Continue reading

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More on The Secret of Life

by Konick the Konjurer Something wonderful is going on, God is leading me to read the book Revelations. I don’t like the book Revelations because of all the doom & gloom… at first glance that’s what it looks like is being … Continue reading

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