Faith Decisions And the “I am” Consciousness

A specific issue that has been strongly pressed upon my mind lately is faith decisions. This life consists of a string of small and great events all orchestrated and designed by the Spirit to our and others benefit. He, of course, has a rich variety of objectives in mind as He leads us along our unique path. One of these is taking us to new and unexplored (for us anyway) mansions, which, in other words, is a continuous expansion of our consciousness.

The Spirit maneuvers us to positions, as it where, from where we can take new and liberating faith stands concerning who we are. These will be in accordance with what already is as our awareness catch up with God’s reality. Every lie we believe about ourselves we inevitably and subconsciously will project on others. How can we speak liberating words of faith concerning our neighbor if we only see him within the limited range of light our natural eyes provide?

The Spirit by a variety of means creates tensions in us that might cause us to take some kind of faith stand concerning who we are. Within the power fields these tensions generate we face two opposites deliberately set up by the Spirit. Will we make the leap of faith which leaves behind the familiar, safe and predictable and step into unchartered territory? I have to pose this as a question because for some reason not all respond to the Spirit’s invitation to enter His reality of liberating truth.

A most potent law is operative in the realm of faith. To those much given more will be given! Those who have taken the first tentative steps out of the realm defined by the natural senses and human beliefs can testify to this. We find a parallel in Ezekiel; those who wade further and further into the river of truth that proceeds from the Godhead suddenly discover that the river supernaturally becomes larger and the water grows around them as more light and revelations are granted them.

The Spirit keenly opposes everything we make to be Him in our lives, but which isn’t Him. Those outer beacons whether it is the law or anything else we make our guiding stars have to be exposed as delusions so that the Spirit can be recognized as the upholding life source, inner motivator, revelator and lover in all areas of our lives.

One of the means the Lord uses to accomplish this is the Law. The Mosaic Law is the shadow of a far greater Law that upholds this universe. A shadow is meant to expose all those delusions we are under, of which the greatest is this illusion of independent self. This “self” has erected a host of strongholds which are maintained and upheld by various human beliefs. Behind these walls of vanity it hides until it is exposed by the Law. Vanity, because we illusionary believe that we are creators, originators and that we by our own strength can fulfill even the subtlest “I can” or “I should”. The Law effectively crushes any such illusion.

The Mosaic Law is meant to push us from “I have to become something” which is based on sense-knowledge to the inner Law of the Spirit which by faith says: “I am”. Delusions find their justification in sense-knowledge as opposed to faith that operates by Spirit knowledge. And it is into this realm of faith the Spirit continually tempts us, simply because faith is substance. To come to the “I am” consciousness means a reconciliation to ourselves and an alignment with God’s I Am in the likeness of Jesus. Some calls it to enter the Christ consciousness.

Faith is foolishness to reason and cannot be reconciled with sense knowledge. When a faith decision is made various temptations come against us in waves trying to drag us out of our abiding place in Christ always insistently presenting us with a wide range of “proofs” that our faith stand cannot be true. These temptations try to find their validity in conduct, thought patterns, our weaknesses etc. The Spirit, however, effectively uses these battles to train us in making righteous judgments which are based on that I no longer live, yet I live, but Christ lives as me. And He lives as us as He pleases and He takes no condemnation for it.

The rigidity of the letter and the shadow appeal to the outer man, but the outer man must become an inner man in order to find the heavenly source within; Christ. What is perishable (the outer man) has to die in the wilderness of the law so that he can be clothed in imperishable garments (the inner man).

Not a single one of these faith stands can be made into a doctrine, because they are strictly personal. Thus the authors of the NT epistles use words like “if”, “may”, “might” etc. Within the tensions these words create in us we are compelled to make some kind of faith decision. Whether it is salvation or whether we can sin as new creations; these things can only find their answer or resolution in us by a personal faith stand. And this is something we have to come to by ourselves. The tensions generated in us by the pair of opposites we find in the scriptures and in life generally cannot find their release in doctrines, but only in each and every one of us by making a leap of faith. These are done with the same ease as our saving faith decision and will in their proper time be fixed in us as a knowing by the Spirit.

Whatever faith decision we make we never go back on it. And how can we? What we take ultimately takes us and we are upheld by Someone far stronger and powerful than ourselves. This is another strictly personal discovery: To find that God is our upholder and keeper in all things.

Faith is truly recognizing what already is and receiving it. Every good gift comes from the Father of Lights and as we all know from the natural receiving a gift is quite effortless if not pride or a sense of worthlessness prevents us from receiving it with a glad heart, or in worst case; we reject it. Little kids receive their gifts naturally and effortlessly as if receiving a gift is the most natural thing in the world. Perhaps no wonder then that Jesus said: Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

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