Walk on Waters III

The mystery of walking on waters belongs more to the realm of faith than the realm of experiences. If Christ walks on water then we sure do it as well. When the Spirit reminds us of our position; that we are in Him we see with our inner eyes that we are in fact walking on waters with Him or perhaps more accurately: He walks on waters as us. So where does this sensation or feeling of sinking come from? I see only one answer: consciousness. Seeing separation will inevitably make us sink into a quagmire of doubt and negative thinking. The Spirit continually tempts us upwards to align our consciousness with the Lord’s. In other words we walk on waters by the faith of the Son. This feeling of sinking is only that; a feeling – an imagination. It is nothing more than sense knowledge. The faith of the Son is always operative in us whether we recognize it or not. Paul clearly states that we live by the faith of the Son of God.

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