Walk on Waters II

I was sitting in the boat when Jesus called out: «Come to me!» Walking on water has been an overarching desire in me ever since I began following Him. There He was summoning me and calling me to do the works He did, yeah, even greater works according to Him. I recognized that desire to join Him as being planted in my heart by the Spirit. Of course I want to see people healed, to call into manifestation by my word those things that already exist in the invisible. Call me by whatever name you wish whether it is crazy, stupid or naïve for believing Jesus, but I jumped out of the boat and actually walked on waters. How can I with words describe the exhilaration that flooded my being when I joined Him in His supernatural works. I spoke word after word anticipating them to be His words that would bring into expression the things He desired and which were desires I firmly believed He had planted in my heart.

However, I am no better than Peter. I soon got transfixed by appearances. I felt the howling wind, became soaked by the hard rain and I had only eyes for the high waves. Paralyzed by everything that came against me through my five natural senses I began to sink. And I sank rapidly. Now I know how Peter felt when water seemed to be the only reality in his existence. To fight against it was hopeless. Didn’t he also face confusion and self-flagellation as he sank? And the inevitable question: Where is God? Was I totally mistaken? Was every word I had uttered void and empty somehow originating in my own over-active imagination? Was I living in a fantasy? Had God lied to me asserting that I could do the works of Jesus?

Then a firm hand seizes my hand and pulls me out of the water. With mirth in His eyes Jesus safely places me in the boat. Then He speaks a word and the storm dies out. And it dawns upon me that the storm was only appearances and that it is possible to walk on waters when I learn to see through these outer disturbances to what is real. I can’t help myself, but say to Him: “I want to do it again!”

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6 Responses to Walk on Waters II

  1. Lennart - South Africa :-) says:

    Oh yeah!!!! “I wanna do it…. “.

  2. Donald Konick says:

    Ole, it’s like a parent saying to their baby “come on you can walk… it’s ok… awesome… well done!” And what are Jesus words to us “If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?” Luke 11:13 By Him we walk on water, tread on serpents, & greater things than these!???

  3. Surrendy says:

    even Jesus now in heaven, He knows us all, what we are thinking about and what we desire, but He really loves us, that’s what we know, even all His words is unlogicable but this is His way to lead us to imposible thing, all spiritual things can’t be reached by natural senses, even to walk on water it’s also supranatural thing, coz, spiritual thing is able to do/move every natural thing, like flesh without soul, it can’t stand, so the Soul/spirit that we can’t see is the main thing to hold body. body will die if soul/spirit comes out of it. so do all the blessings of God come spiritually not naturally. it doesn’t mean that the blessing can’t come trully. but natural thing is beared by spiritual thing, like in John 6:63 It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh is useless. The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life. so whitout Spirit, flesh can’t be alife. that’s why to bless human God first bless their spirit, cause all His words is spirit. like wise when Peter received the word “come walked on water” it’s about the power of Words, with Word everything is possible, coz the definition of His Word is ” there is nothing imposible” tq

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