If two of you shall agree on earth

Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven (Matt 18:19).

And the whole multitude sought to touch him: for there went virtue out of him, and healed them all (Luk 6:19).

Just then a woman who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years came up behind him and touched the edge of his cloak. She said to herself, “If I only touch his cloak, I will be healed.” (Matt 9:20-21)

The Lord is awaiting our agreement with Him. The woman with the bleedings came to agreement with God, and by her touching she called forth things which are not as if they were, because they exist in God. She, as it were, recognized the infinite patterns of possibilities that once were demonstrated to Moses on the Mount. Even a whole multitude can come to agreement with God as of what kind of person He is and that He is the fulfillment of every need, that is, that everything exists in Him.

She couldn’t produce her healing or find anyone who could produce it, thus she had been subjected to this condition for such a long time. But, when she discovered that it was already finished in God she reached out her hand and took it and what she took immediately embraced her and manifested in the temporal as her long sought healing. No man can produce the things that are in God. God beheld His creation and saw that everything was good and it was indeed good, and man can neither add to nor subtract anything from what is created.

The first Adam’s vision was clouded so that he saw but didn’t see, and heard but didn’t hear. The glory was covered in the mist of delusion and human beliefs, so he toiled by the sweat of his brow to produce something that was already created. Now, however, we have the mind of Christ so that we both can see and hear as we put off that old man and put on the new man who never take thought, but live by recognition resting in that it is already done.

I find that this expansion of the consciousness which effect is that I leave behind more and more of human ideas and beliefs and am far more receptive to Kingdom realities is orchestrated by the Spirit. He puts up the “bait” and I just know that I desire to enter this new level so I take it. Where does desire come from? God is love meaning He is desire. In other words I respond to His desire. There is always a struggle involved in being settled in a new degree, but this law never fails: What you have taken takes you. And this law is also true: Those who have much will be given more.

When I received Christ God placed me in a Pentecostal church where speaking in tongues was a predominant feature.  I wanted this too so I began “practicing” speaking in tongues when I was alone. I took it and what I had taken soon took me and a new language flowed effortlessly out of my mouth. I both felt stupid and uncomfortable when those first words were formed in my mouth. I still don’t know if they were “real” words or just a product of my imagination. It was definitely a struggle involved in this, but by the Spirit I persevered and saw the breakthrough. What I desired and which was finished in God manifested in the temporal by me speaking a new language – a language that circumvents reason.

I feel compelled to share another more recent testimony about how what I took took me. Due to all the hard weight training I subject my body to I got an inflammation in my left elbow. One evening I closed my eyes and reached out wanting to touch the edge of Jesus’ cloak to get my healing. Believe it or not, but a virtue went out from Him and since that day my elbow has been fine.

We live by the faith of the Son on the “It is done” level. That is the substance of what we hope for. I notice that the Spirit has nudged me up to a level where it is quite “easy” to acknowledge by faith that what I have taken by my word of faith on a personal level is done without relying on any outer signs whether it is emotions or a change of behavior. This because it has become increasingly clearer to me that since I am a spirit I have my true life in a different realm than the one that is defined by appearances and circumstances (our conversation is in heaven). If I have asked for an enlarged faith-consciousness, well, then I have gotten it. From then on it is a matter of becoming settled in this area and learn how to apply it, and that is the Spirit’s job. I take what He has given me and He fixes me in it. It is an easy life.

What causes me greater struggle is when I have said a word of faith in regards to something which manifestation will be in the temporal. My mind is an active thing always analyzing, always looking for signs, but the thing is; there are no signs. Faith is above signs. Faith says it is done in the face of appearances, circumstances and fluctuating emotions. It seems to me that my mind fancy that by taking thought it somehow can help God putting through what only He can put through. It is even so deluded that it thinks by giving thanks it somehow contributes towards a manifestation or that it somehow by giving thanks persuades God to do the thing I have spoken. But, there has been a lot of improvement in this area thanks to the Spirit’s patient inner teaching. The thing is; we give thanks because it is done – not to produce anything.

Notice that it is Christ who is the willer and doer in me and as me. Willing and doing is spirit and by the spirit-Spirit union He comes through as me as the One speaking His words of faith as me (I can do nothing of myself, but in Christ I can do all things). He is forever the SOURCE! This consciousness that perceives itself as Ole Henrik and is Ole Henrik is nudged upwards to align itself with what He is doing as me and to recognize His works as me, and to take what is already done in God. We are forever two, the creator and the human, but we are one sharing in His glory and by His mighty work in me expanding the borders of the Kingdom whether it is in my consciousness or by touching others. My basic faculty is receiving (not producing) and what I have received I reproduce whether I know it or not.

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12 Responses to If two of you shall agree on earth

  1. Cindi Estep says:

    Oh Ole…Thank you for sharing this Life Word….Exactly what I needed to Hear this Day!!!

  2. Fred Pruitt says:

    This is tremendous, Ole Henrik! One of your best!

  3. Donald Konick says:

    Ole this is so strange because I wrote a similar article about before the foundation of the world the Father, Son & Holy Ghost had to be in agreement or else nothing would be made that has been made. I call what I wrote “Papa”. Why else would Jesus say what He said “If two or more…”?
    Your words are mystical, and so good. Thank you

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Wow! I love that! And us now being a part of the trinity since we are IN Christ that same agreement “must” work in us too…..wow….wow…Can you please send me your article? Thanks again, Donald!

  4. I would love to send you what I wrote is there an email address and I’ll send the file as a PDF.

  5. Lorraine says:

    I have stumbled upon your page whilst searching a commentary on this scripture. All I can say is thank you! I have long thought about the story of the woman with the bleeding. I have heard it explained and analysed but never heard it the way you have put it. That she reached out and took what was there – what was already finished in God. How wonderful to know that the Lord is awaiting our agreement with Him. I too am praying for healing. I will now pray differently.

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Thank you, Lorraine, for taking the time to comment and share how the article blessed you. Reading your words blessed me tremendously! Thanks! I am standing with you for your healing!

  6. Abegunde joseph olayiwola says:

    this stuff is a revelation.i am blessed with it.

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