Some Brief Words on Prayer

While driving to Sweden a couple of days ago I was led by the Spirit to meditate on prayer, and the following is an attempt to briefly summarize the impressions I was given.

Prayer starts in God and is His definite yes to something He wants done, and, further, in His mind is already done. We recognize what He wants and pray it out or speak it out, and by our words the thing is manifested beyond reason and in a “way of which ye do not know of”. This recognizing is a spontaneous outflow of the Spirit as us. This might seem like two, might seem like separation, but it is one voice – He speaking as us. However, since we are two as one God’s initiative awaits our faith response, that is, that we receive what He wants to give by a simple thank you. And this “thank you” is us leaving behind any human limitations we might see and by the Spirit being leveled up with Him in how He perceives the thing about which we have spoken.

Our great problem is that we erroneously believe that we are the source – that prayer or our word of faith starts in us – and that leaves us with the impression that we have to persuade God to meet our wants or desires and thus our prayers become pleads instead of the inner knowing of something already accomplished. In addition we are left with the impression that God is against us when the opposite is true. We see God through a glass darkly and He becomes a stingy God in our awareness and we miss seeing His amazing generosity and goodness. Whenever we see ourselves as the source our awareness is like a desert and our helplessness is predominant in our outlook.

That we can do nothing without Him becomes as an almost paralyzing truth. Then the light is turned on and we see our oneness and how everything starts in God and we suddenly know that we can do all things in Christ because He lives as us. Knowing that all things begin in God means that whenever we have spoken our word we know that it is done! We can rest. Seeing ourselves as the source isn’t the faith that pleases God or makes Him move, thus, according to your faith be it unto you.

God initiative awaiting our faith response or agreement means that we are not automatons, but co-workers with Him in what He wants done, so our word of faith or prayer is our yes to Him! And the miracle is that we want what He wants, because it is He who works in us to will and do in accordance with His good pleasure. What a great mystery this is!

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10 Responses to Some Brief Words on Prayer

  1. DeeDEe says:


  2. Patti Musick says:

    Ole Henrik, thank you for sharing. I too have been getting much the same word lately on prayer. My whole thinking on prayer has changed so drastically. I used to think I had to be the initiator and beg and plead God every day at least so He would act. It all seems so strange to me now that I think about it. I was pleased and encouraged to read your words here and as always, I wish you all the best!

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Thanks for your confirmation, Patti! The same is true about me; my whole outlook on prayer and speaking words of faith was turned upside down when these magnificent truths finally were revealed to me. All the best to you too!

  3. mary says:

    Yeah God this is another one I need to become reality so that I can live in that place of knowing and understanding who I am in Him and Him in me …Lord I ask you to please help me to fully understand this 🙂

  4. Donald Konick says:

    Thank you again for validating to me what God was already saying to me… I have been praying for people that I know, I knew that was done when I asked, but now I know it’s really done. Thank you. You wonderful teacher you!


    • Ole Henrik says:

      Donald, you have no idea how much your comments bless me! Thanks again for finding time to validate what has been shown me. Yes, my friend, it is done. Yesterday I asked a friend to pray for me. After I had sent my request the following thought manifested in my mind: “You asking for prayer is the manifestation of God’s YES to your need!” Wow!

      Much love to you too!

  5. Steve McVey says:

    A timely and powerful word for me right now, Ole Henrik. Thanks!

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