The Rough Places Made Smooth

“The rough places made smooth and the crooked places straight” refers to a fact of faith. A fact of faith IS a promise of God and it is present tense. Faith is always present tense. The point is; we see obstacles where there are none. We doubt even though we are encouraged to believe. We doubt our hearing and our vision – the hearing and vision that go beyond our natural senses. We doubt our oneness; that He actually lives as us and has found a point of expression in you and me – the Word made flesh. Our minds are sometimes overwhelmed with roughness and crookedness even though God says it isn’t so. It is so tempting to make the simple complex. Whatsoever you desire is made into beware; this might only be a fantasy, a product of your own imagination. Our thoughts charge us with selfishness, when there is no selfishness in the One who lives as us. God is pressing His desires on our minds, but the rough and crooked we are so used to say it can’t be so. When will you believe, echoes through the universe. When will you believe, you of little faith, Jesus said. Listen, the rough places are made smooth and crooked places are made straight. We live by the faith of the Son and He always trusts that the Father comes perfectly through, thus we say as Him: If you have seen me you have seen the Father.

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4 Responses to The Rough Places Made Smooth

  1. mary says:

    Wow if I could just get my mind wrapped around what you have posted …. I could live in the FREEDOM that is already mine…. I just need to believe 🙂 Thank you again for this wonderful words of truth 🙂

  2. Lennart - South Africa :-) says:

    “When will you believe, echoes through the universe.” “Faith” such a simple concept, yet so illusive. Like, soap in a bath tub. easy to see, easy to conceive as being grasped but …. catch it if you can. Only with the help of the Holy Spirit does the complicated and crooked becom really simple and straight
    Awesome piece and timely remider, my friend!

    • Ole Henrik says:

      Yes! Amen! Wonderful, Lennart! The Spirit helps us and takes us through to what faith really is and shows us that we are not the producers but the recipients and that the initiative always comes from God. Thanks for your kind words!

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