Our True Marriage

The following is an excerpt from Desire and Faith and Then onto the Fatherhood Level

Nancy: Spirit-spirit-union is like two magnets joined together. I saw them as two round shaped circles – like 2 discs STUCK together with the great drawing power of the Love of God. The Love of God, the foundation of this union is the manifest Life-giving Spirit of Jesus Christ who is the Christ in you as the Christ of the Holy Spirit Person JOINED to you.  Thus; Christ is the TRUE-SELF joined to the created-self-Ole. Ole being the other disc shape spirit-person. TWO AS ONE spirit.  This is your true marriage!  Your ONLY marriage. This is what God has joined together let no man put asunder. This in your INNER UNION. The created Ole NEVER becomes Christ! Christ is AS Christ in this world as Ole Henrik. The emphasis is always CHRIST! He is at work in you both willing and doing of HIS good pleasure.  He is DESIRE and PERFORMANCE in you and AS you. Everything else is outer. Soul is outer. . . and we can view soul as a wonderful and beautiful soft-pliable foam-like material that can be pulled, and pushed and stretched, and pressed, and twisted in all directions as the world touches our soul in all sorts of ways. Sometimes in happy ways sometimes in tragic ways. . . sometimes crashing against it  . . . and I purposely say it , not you, because your soul is not you but an expression of you and is outer. The world touches God through our soul, and God touches the world through our soul.  Soul is like a conduit of us. . . soul is different than spirit. Your soul is different than my soul. . . soul is not on its own but joined to us expressing personality, likes and dislikes and is meant to express Christ who is joined to me, as me.  Abiding in Christ is living in the secret place of the Most High; it’s abiding in HIM where ALL is PEACE, LOVE, JOY, and Satisfaction, because this is who Christ is in us. He IS our JOY, He is our LOVE, He is our Satisfied LIFE. HE IS!  We as WHOLE persons live in a body. Our body is the Temple of the Living God. He dwells in us, as us.  The created-self is the branch joined to the Vine your other half. All the SAP comes from the Vine who is ETERNAL LIFE without beginning or end and is all located in Christ Jesus The Lord who is raised from the dead, and is our LIFE.  We, you and I, and all other persons in Him… both in heaven and on earth… IS HIS BODY.  The Body IS Christ.

You can order your copy of the book here: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/lonekheir

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2 Responses to Our True Marriage

  1. Cindi Estep says:

    And our Marriage has been consummated!!

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