Words of Faith II

(The following exchange between Mary Blair and me took place spontaneously after I had posted the quote by Norman Grubb on Facebook.)

“On this “word of faith”….The fact that it is a spoken word, is the guarantee that it is not a passing thought, but has therefore taken concrete form, and has as its background a true desire which comes from us (Mark 11:24), yet of course really issues from Him as us. Therefore it is not just a passing gust of feeling, and remains with us as something already done by God and seen inwardly as done by us, and we now watch Him for His manifestation. Isn’t that about it?” (Norman Grubb – Knight of Faith Vol 1)

Mary Blair: Yes! We stand on that spoken word. Sometimes we may become troubled about something, and it necessitates a reminder from Him. So, yeah, we have spoken our word of faith about that thing a while back and now we continue to just stand in faith for the substance of the thing to be made manifest.

Ole Henrik: This is so wonderful from you! See, we all need these reminders, because, yes, we all now and then become troubled concerning our word and even face condemnation for it. But, the Spirit presses us on so that we are persistent in our faith adventure.

Mary Blair: Well, if condemnation comes at all it is from an outward source lying to us. Recognition of that makes it go “poof” for me, unless He wants me to carry it awhile for some other purpose. I have learned to trust Him even to give me the recognition that I am thinking certain thoughts. If I become troubled or uncomfortable inside I say; “wait a second!” I don’t need to keep thinking these thoughts and let them control me and ruin my day. So, I discard them and carry on. Other times I think: “Well they certainly got my attention, so now what to do with them?” That depends I suppose on the thoughts. If there is jealousy or envy or fear I simply ask the Father what they are all about, and He shows me. Then He gives a word of faith to speak about them. The point for me is just trusting that it is He giving the word to speak through strong desire rising up in me or by a quiet knowing by faith what to speak. I haven’t learned to conjure up a word for the situation, and I thank God for that. No, instead I wait on His word and know when it comes to me. Then, by His grace, I stand on it with conviction that is often strengthened by frequent reminders.

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