On the Floor II

Well, well, who would have known that he would be sitting with the renowned Jesus chatting about life’s many oddities. He found it very easy to keep a conversation going with this man who exuded such a beautiful light which made his soul calm and tranquil. Jesus gave him his undivided attention. Very, very few did that. The only one he could remember besides Jesus was his grandmother.

The pool of blood on the floor was gone as by magic. His head felt just amazing. He wasn’t sure how he had been brought back on his feet. No idea whatsoever. The only thing that remained the same was those extra 50lbs. He wished Jesus would have done something about them as well. There were probably limits to His powers, or perhaps that He didn’t bother with minor issues like fat? Who knows how divine people think?

Jesus was very curios inquiring about a lot of things concerning his life. He had this sensation that Jesus knew all the details beforehand, but that He somehow wanted him to tell Him his life-story. It was such a relief to share with a person who was genuinely interested and who never charged you with anything. Even the most shameful and stupid things could be brought to the table without any fear of being judged.

Then Jesus asked the perhaps inevitable question: “Do you want me to be your Lord?” He had no idea what that entailed, but He seemed like an incredibly great guy so why not?

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