It wasn’t in His mind

Not at all

To leave us Fatherless

He stepped down

Not to fulfill every rule

Not at all

He came to take us home

Not to a house dull

Not at all

He came to fulfill

The law of the Father

That is inclusion

In Son-ship

Is there life in rules?

Not at all

Is there life in

Watching our steps?

Not at all

Joy and life

Is in the inclusion

Played out in

Our lives.

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4 Responses to Life

  1. Laura Wiliams says:


      • it occurs to me that you have all the makings of a fiction author and think of the possibilities then! let your imagination run free and see what images God gives you. CS Lewis wrote great fiction as did Tolkien. like Holy Spirit just recently said to us, “Enjoy the ride!”

      • Ole Henrik says:

        I like that; “Enjoy the ride”…….Concerning me becoming a fiction writer……eh…..let’s see… is kinda tedious to write in English…..who knows what the Spirit has in mind……Anyway, thanks for your kindness 🙂

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