A Mighty Man of Valor! Who? You!

To thresh wheat in the winepress can hardly be called bravery. It doesn’t exactly qualify for a hero of the year prize. Nevertheless, it was this seemingly weak man, utterly afraid of a neighboring tribe, who God called a mighty man of valor. Of course, such grace is outrageous, yeah, outright annoying. Is God blind? Doesn’t He see the outright realities? Is He somehow living in an illusionary realm? Or is it our outlook that is skewed?

As we all know wheat can never become wine.  Human endeavors to manufacture the new wine will forever be a project without much hope of prevailing. Was it this that Gideon had in mind when he fearfully threshed the wheat? Or perhaps he was just afraid? But, the one who calls the things that be not as if they are, speaks His truth over Gideon, and we all know that when the word is spoken what it is sent out to accomplish is done.

We shouldn’t judge Gideon too harshly. After all, we are Gideon too, often fearfully absorbed with our human weaknesses. Apartness does that to us. Alone our enemies seem invincible. It is not unlikely that the greatest of them is our false idea of our own self. On the soul level Gideon must have perceived himself to be a definite nothing. Not a bad place to start really. But, there is a Lover who has filled frail human frames with Himself and who calls us to fly like eagles upon the high places where there are no weaklings.

I assume we all can agree upon that our Father is a mighty man of valor? One of the many astonishing statements in the Bible is penned down by John: As He is so are we in this world. What does all this lead to? The one who made our bones come together with His bones to an indissoluble unity has willingly and freely become our identity so that we are mighty men and woman of valor in Him.

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2 Responses to A Mighty Man of Valor! Who? You!

  1. Fred Pruitt says:

    Another great word, Ole Henrik. I really like how you use “as He is so are you” to say that we also, are “mighty men of valor.” Great! Thanks again!

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