Faith and Desire – An Exchange between Nancy Gilmore and Me – Part 4

Part 4

Ole Henrik: Thanks for sharing your amazing testimony with me! Your story is simply stunning! And you are right! I have almost frenetically been examining my desires and faith, but in the process I have also learned a lot about how these things work together and how they work out in our lives. You are also right about that I have seen separation and that has made me unsteady in all my ways lately. It is certainly true that I also have been a referee trying to judge between what is me and what is Christ when everything is Him. And this is such a mystery! There is a “me” part that walk in unbelief and who operate as a referee, but everything is Him. My analytic mind finds that hard to reconcile. I guess there is only one thing to do; go back to the basic and confess: Christ lives as me! Thanks for helping me putting my feet on firm ground again trusting myself in all things no matter how odd or unusual.

Nancy: I don’t want to be right, Ole Henrik. That’s the last thing I want to project. I only wish to encourage you, not discourage you. It’s out of our belly that flows rivers of living water, and that means travail. We travail in faith.

You are Christ in your form.

If you would hold up your hand and look at it as though it is a total you… there are two sides to your hand. Turn it anyway you want too…make a fist or lay it out flat…there are still two sides to your hand. Yet it is ONE hand. There is the top side, the foreground of your hand… let’s say that’s you. You’re on top and in the foreground. But the palm of your hand is your other-side. Let’s say the Palm, is Christ. Your hand is not your hand without the top and the Palm together as ONE hand. You can grab-hold of something with it… or let it go… but it is all ONE hand. Yet it has two sides. One side of your hand is different than the other. . .but it’s all one hand. When we say we are ONE with Christ we are meaning we are like our hand. We have a top and a bottom; the top isn’t the Palm, but it’s all one hand. One hand! No separation! We don’t call it a top, nor do we call it a palm. We call it a hand.

We could go further, and say the Hand is God, Father-Son-Holy Spirit. We could put the Hand in a glove, and say the glove is you or me. The glove has no life of its own without the Hand in it. It’s the Hand that makes the glove come alive.

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12 Responses to Faith and Desire – An Exchange between Nancy Gilmore and Me – Part 4

  1. Fred Pruitt says:

    Great word from both of you!

  2. Donald Konick says:

    Awesome… I am, Because HE is; always has been; and always will be and because of that, … I am!

    • Ole Henrik says:

      That’s it Donald! Thanks!

      • These words come to mind with all the wonderful comments I’m reading in these posts! There shall be showers of blessings, showers of blessings indeed! Mercy drops ’round us are falling’, but it’s the Showers of Blessings, we SEE. Norman used to say; “You don’t need me to bless you, you have the Blesser living inside of you! Thank you for your wonderful words, and blessing of conformation!

  3. Judy says:

    This is soo cool, love it..I so get it. Bless you both♥

  4. Love you Judy! Thanks so much for your blessings! Wonderful to hear from you! I love those words: “I so get it.” Such Glory among us! It’s He of course!

  5. Cheryl says:

    This one was easier for me to follow than Parts 1-3, some of which were over my head . . .

    • Judy says:

      Nothing is over the Spirits head Cheryl. He is the teacher inside.
      Peace and love flow like a river. Take that, andit will take you.
      Love to you.

      • Cheryl says:

        You are right, Judy – TX! I know the Spirit often reveals, or increases awareness, in layers . . . like the peeling of an onion. Blessings to you today!

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