Faith and Desire – An Exchange between Nancy Gilmore and Me – Part 2


Ole Henrik: This exchange has blessed me so much!!! I have read your mails at least four times! The fruit is that I have gone totally “crazy” and say that It Is Done when everything cries that I am totally nuts.

Ole Henrik: Faith is trusting that we in fact hear the shepherd’s voice calling us to step out of the boat and walk on water which absolutely is scary business.

Nancy: You are giving God His Platform to Show up. Norman would say, “He just pops-up!”  I love such radical faith!  I’ll have to tell you what Norman said, after being a missionary and finding some uncertainty in his own faith; Norman said; “Well if God is a Big Illusion, I’ll be a little illusion right along with Him.”  I think Norman had just come through his dark night of the soul. But in the end he made his decision. That’s what this life in Christ is; making faith decisions.  Abraham caught on to this ‘way’ of God. Abraham said, God called the things that be NOT even as though they were. So Abraham did the same! He was a copy-cat, and Abraham is called the father of our FAITH.  Actually, God showed Abraham His WAYS, before Abraham ever saw His ACTS, (ISAAC!)!  I think this is what God usually does, as a form of maturing us.  He teaches us His WAYS. Norman used to say we have to be a ‘way-knower’ in order to be a “way-shower”. This is what fatherhood is all about. . . being a “way-knower”. This way we make things happen for others. We become an Elijah. Elijah said it would not rain for 3-1/2 years and it DIDN’T rain! And at the end of that 3-1/2 years he was watching for a cloud.  He even set a date!  We are radical lovers of God, and He has his own purpose in each of our lives, and in the end it’s always for others. This is the power of His resurrection in us, and Spirit attitude comes before Spirit action. We truly become God Watchers. We have our focus on Him.  Sometimes the more impossible the situation we express the most radical faith. Who would believe it, but God says, we prove Him.  And we do! God gave me that challenge many years ago, and I hold it over His head with; YOU SAID, I would prove you. Get on with it Lord. As serious as faith is faith can be fun, because it’s our adventure of faith with Christ.

Nancy: Peter “felt” that way! But faith reigned in Christ and pulled Peter UP to walk with Him on the water. Faith is always directed “toward” Christ. He is the OBJECT of our faith.

Norman once said something like this: “Fear” is faith in reverse, and once that fear is recognized as faith in reverse; “that faith” can be turned toward God, and be going the right way.

Ole Henrik: Do you mind elaborating what you mean here (didn’t quite get it I am afraid):
“Who would believe it, but God says, we prove Him. And we do! God gave me that challenge many years ago, and I hold it over His head with; YOU SAID, I would prove you. Get on with it Lord. As serious as faith is faith can be fun, because it’s our adventure of faith with Christ.”

Nancy: Well, how do I say, I’ve always lived by the promises of God. That is… since I found there are such things as the PROMISES of God.  Things I believed the Lord was saying to me. I was always asking Him something about something. And at the beginning I restricted the Lord to ONLY speaking to me though the scriptures since I was convinced the Bible was the Word of God, and His HOLY book.

At THAT time, (to me), the scriptures were the only way God spoke so I never let the bible be far from my side. In fact all through the day I would have my bible open and laying on the right side of the stove in an area handy for me in the kitchen, so I could visit all day with the Lord and He could answer all my questions through His own word. I never considered myself intellectual. In fact I never liked reading because it was boring to me! UNTIL I found the scriptures to be the Word of God, and then I was like a sponge. I couldn’t get enough; I wanted to learn of the Lord. I wanted to “know how” to believe, and I wanted to know “what” to believe.

As I became involved with “Christians” (believers), I found they all had their own way of TEACHING what they said the scriptures were saying, and I believed them until I would read the scriptures on my own, and it was always saying something to me that was different than what they were saying it said. And who was I to know differently than they? But I had an insatiable hunger to know the Lord, and I expected Him to speak to me, directly, and to teach me everything I was to know. Apparently, I had this underlying fear of uncertainty without the Lord’s conformation in EVERYTHING I had questions about.

To make this LONG story short, when I had a question “I expected” the Lord to give me an answer.

Everyone taught tithing so of course that was the THING TO DO! Until one day I was reading in Malachi and it was saying to bring the “full tithe” into the storehouse that there would be food enough to feed all, and that I could put the Lord to the test, and PROVE Him; and that He would rebuke the devour for my sake. Not only that but He would open the windows of Heaven and pour me out a blessing that I couldn’t live long enough to receive it all.

[10Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. 11And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the LORD of hosts. 12And all nations shall call you blessed: for ye shall be a delightsome land, saith the LORD of hosts.]

Well my first thought was; that’s not talking about money! That’s talking about all of me! I’m the full tithe. God wants ALL of me; He wants total trust; and for me to hold nothing back (from Him). And I can put Him to the test and “prove” Him! And not only that He will REBUKE the devourer! My response toward Him was: What A DEAL for me!

So from that point on all of my life has been about PROVING Him in everything He ask of me, in one way or another. According to the date I have in ‘this’ bible (all the other ones are warn out), There is a date of 1965.

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3 Responses to Faith and Desire – An Exchange between Nancy Gilmore and Me – Part 2

  1. Lee Petersen says:

    Wow Your Faithfulness is remarkable !!!

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