Faith and Desire – An Exchange between Nancy Gilmore and Me – Part 1


Ole Henrik: When I no longer have the drive to say my faith word, but the desire is just as powerful that means that which was meant to be created is created?

Nancy: No, here’s why I say, no. Desire is where faith is located. Faith starts in desire. Jesus said; have the faith of God, whatsoever You desire. But that desire is trapped and can’t get out because of the 2 and 3rd principle in the 7 fold spirit of God; it has to have its way to express; faith IS substance and desires to be expressed; Jesus said, believe you have received and, SAY so and whatsoever YOU SAY ‘will come to pass’.  It is in the 4 principle which is the “cross in the heart of God” to ever being a self-loving-self.  God desires to be A Self-Giving-Self; the Father DESIRES to be the Son, to give Himself as the Son of God. The OBEDIENT SON-THE WORD gives Himself to be the Father’s desire. [The WORD said, let there be light, and there was light.] The Word became flesh, and dwelt among us: Jesus!  The WORD (Jesus) becoming flesh IS the manifesting “faith of God” AS the Son, (in the sons of God). The 5, 6th & 7th spirit of the 7 fold spirit of God is:  “I hear” – “I see”  – “I say” –  Faith is spirit; FAITH SPEAKS!

I have found at times that desire in us is so deep we don’t know what to say. I have had the Lord ask me if I wouldn’t like to see “this or that” happen… and of course that’s WHAT I want to see happen and so it is then I am able to SAY what God is going to do….. and I go tell that thing to someone who knows it is the word of God that I am speaking. . . and what it was that the Lord, asks me, and I say, comes to pass.

You see, the 7Fold Spirit of God is the way God works in us. He is our DESIRE (faith starts in desire, this is the tip of the cone, and the 1st. spirit in the working of the 7Fold Spirit of God, in us. Our desire wants to express itself and reaches outward for expression, but it is trapped and cannot get out so it snaps back with great resistance and creates this rotating vortex of impossibility; this is the 2nd and 3 spirits in the 7fold Spirit of God! This is God in all beings trapped in us, as us; And Only by the Cross of Christ, which is the 4th spirit working in us comes our freedom, and identity of what it is to be a person; A person is a person containing A PERSON, Christ! This is our awakening in Christ whereby we are ‘hearers’, we are hearing Christ! This is the 5th spirit in the 7Fold Spirit of God. The scales come off our eyes and we become ‘seers’; we start seeing Christ Only in us as us! This is the 6th spirit in the 7Fold Spirit of the working of God in us. This Faith that starts in Desire, which was entrapped, NOW Speaks! This is the 7th spirit in the 7Fold spirit of God. We are “saying” who we are! We are saying, we are Christ in our form. This 7Fold Spirit of God doesn’t work 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 as in that order, but is He working all the time in us, as us. “It is God who is at work in you both to will and to do of His Good Pleasure”…

Ole Henrik: Wow! This is simply stunning! So many things fell into place as I read your account! Wow! Let me give you some more details concerning this faith journey I am in the midst of now and have been for quite a while. It all started out with a powerful desire and my first question was: “Is this from God?” Not least because of the impossibility of it all and that what I desired went against all human reasoning. The next step was that I began praying for this desire to come into existence. A “Papa, make this happen” prayer. Then I meet you in Louisville and you told me about your faith word: “I am in Louisville!” In that instant it felt like something shifted in me and I was taken a step further and I began to say something to this effect: “Papa, thanks that this is a reality” A couple of days ago I was emptied like Job was and the next day filled again. The amazing thing is that I now have had several experiences of that I KNOW that my faith word will happen and I can say to those involved: “You know what? This will happen! I don’t know how or when, but it will  happen.” And I know against all appearances to the opposite. Thus there is no drive to say my faith word ” Papa, thanks that this is a reality” because now I know.  Any comments to my history? I am afraid I cannot give you any further details. And as you say, a side-effect of this journey, as it were, is that I also now know that I am Christ in my form on a level never before experienced!

Nancy: I haven’t been to bed yet, (again), and am just sitting here half-asleep like a zombie; nearly 4:30 AM. Must have been waiting on this from you!

All I know in reply “to any comments to my history?” There must have been a hell of a lot of suffering in “regarding specifics” personally to you in an agony of faith to produce this summit of faith; by which The Spirit confirms in us this co-speaking-inner-knowing-union-faith-person of authority!  Seems to me sharing in the sufferings of Christ becomes the great safe-guard in the testing of our faith which we come to, and come through to find God’s faith in us, as ours. The Spirit responds to this faith expressed with His own inner-Christ-Consciousness, as ours. He is the Faith Summit.  ALSO; we live on the ‘done’ level!  This or that IS done. We may start out by saying God will do this or that for the benefit of others who stand by to watch and see, but for us we have it! It’s DONE! We’ve got it by FAITH.  Faith IS the Substance of the thing. This substance of faith is the real deal.  My Great-Grandmother used to say to me: “Mark my word” on whatever she was saying that she saw as her reality of faith. Also: REASONING goes to the cross, when it comes to faith.  We don’t reason out things, we FAITH them out. We don’t reason up to Spirit-faith, we LEAP reasoning. Reasoning belongs to soul. Faith is Spirit.  We can only reason-down from Spirit, not up to Spirit.

So tell me more whenever you are free to do so. . . always love hearing radical faith.

Ole Henrik: Thanks again for confirming me beyond measure. I am eternal grateful that I freely can bask in your wisdom! Yes, Nancy, the suffering has been tremendous. There have been days I have made it through by the skin of my teeth (not sure if this is good English). Thanks again and may you get a good “night’s” sleep!

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4 Responses to Faith and Desire – An Exchange between Nancy Gilmore and Me – Part 1

  1. Fred Pruitt says:

    Wonderful! Wisdom from above!

  2. Miriam Gash says:

    Love the mystery revealed. The faith voice is still and small!

  3. the desire starts with “humility of heart”!!!

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