More on Desires

The scriptures are quite plain in their description of God when they say about Him that He is love. His love is made manifest through His desire to bless, so that in the context of God’s person we might say that love and desire are synonyms. Basically, there is only one Person in the universe and He is compounded of desires. Since we are derivatives of the One we must say that we are compounded of desires as well. In God those desires that confront us and drive us are made safe even though they might contradict human notions concerning love like when Peter opposed Jesus when Jesus said He soon was about to be betrayed and die.

The way of man is not IN himself. It is not IN man, who walks, to direct his own steps (Jer 10:23). This is a most curious verse. How can we best understand what the Spirit is saying here? How does God direct our steps? First of all, it is the Father who dwells in me who does the works. Second, He works in me by desires so what I want from the minutest thing to the largest is Him working mightily in me, and what I want I approach in faith. This further means that there is a strong correlation between desire and faith. Faith is essentially receiving and what we are to receive or put our foot on is determined by our desires.

An inescapable fact is that God is involved in even the minutest details of our lives. To us it often seems like we are doing our own stuff apart from Him, that somehow we are following our own desires – alone. Our emotions give us detailed and valid information in regards to how we perceive our processes from desire to acquiring. Peaceful and content when we through faith recognize that “I do always what is pleasing to my Father” (John 8:29). The reverse is true when we are stuck in unbelief and all kinds of negative emotions torment us.

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4). The word translated heart is also used (figuratively) very widely for the feelings, the will and even the intellect; likewise for the centre of anything. The center of anything is our spirits. In other words our desires well up from a pure source and they manifest in our emotions, will and intellect. This is a further proof of how we are whole persons and that God uses all of our faculties to express Himself and direct our steps.

In a consciousness that see everything as disjointed and separated desires will be measured and quantified, weighted as valuable or invaluable, spiritual or non-spiritual, evil or good. But, with a radical step of faith we learn to see God in everything and by this change of approach to our desires we cannot but see every desire as right in God as He works everything towards good.

The latter part of John 15:7 gives an overview of how everything works out in our lives. It says in Greek that we shall desire, we shall ask and it shall be created. The sequence is not arbitrary. Everything that will see manifestation starts out as a desire. This further means that our requests are honed to only express what is in our heart. We are not meant to cover everything in our petitions, so that prayer becomes law and something we have to do. No, our desires direct our prayers so that the will of God can be accomplished by us.

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