No Intermediary

To be taken into darkness will almost without exception cause some kind of inner transformation in which our eyes have been further opened to take in more of the light from above so that we in increasing measure can rest from our own works and see God as the all in all in us working forth His wonders in love. It is in the dark nothingness from everything that is of God proceeds and wells forth in light and love.

The word tells us that the law was given by an intermediary so that it was something outward guiding our steps and we could hence never fully trust ourselves, because we always seemed to err in observing its guidance. In the Son we are born anew and the perfect law of liberty which guides us is now given without any intermediary. It flows directly from God’s Spirit into our spirits and that leaves out any possibility of erring.

In the old manner of things everything came from without, now everything flows from within – rivers of living water. No intermediary means that it is God’s personal touch that directs our steps in all things. We partake from His essence so that we become His essence. An intermediary means that there is someone or something that stands between us and God’s direct and unrestricted guidance so that we never partake directly from the source of all things. When the intermediary is taken away in the cross everything is reversed and there is no contrariety between man and God.

The battle that we all face in the temporal has been moved to a new sphere. We no longer have to fight against ourselves to be in God’s perfect will. The battleground is found in the realm of faith – whether we believe we always and forever are guided and directed in all things by Him or that we in unbelief reject that it is so – something that causes all kind of anguish, fear and torment in us.

No intermediary further means that everything that is His is ours since everything that is His is found in Him and simultaneously in us. It can be no other way when we are directly joined to Him so that His heart is our heart, His desires are our desires, His wants are our wants, His prayers are our prayers, His faith is our faith.

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