Praying in Esau’s Garments

We find in the scriptures some startling promises concerning prayer, notably in the context of Jesus own prayers. It was Martha who said: I know that whatever you ask from God, God will give you. Some moments later Jesus prayed: Father, I thank you that you have heard me. I know that you always hear me.  To us it seems quite clear that whatever the Son asks will be granted Him. But we are not so sure that this applies to our requests as well.

Let us go back to the Old Testament – to Esau and Jacob. It was Jacob who received the blessing when he stood before Isaac dressed in His brother’s garments. God felt Esau rough and hairy exterior (that is us), but He heard the voice of Jacob (Christ). This means that every time we approach God with a request in our humanity He hears the voice of the SON whom He cannot deny anything and who He always hears. This becomes even more potent when we know that our conversations are in heaven, and further that we are included in the triune fellowship means that we pray downwards!

Jesus has dressed Himself in our garments, that is, our humanity so that we can come before the throne of grace with BOLDNESS! And since it is the Son God is hearing the Son is the one who is praying through us involving us in what God is doing. But the paradox is that it is you and I that are the son – those prayers are ours! Thus Jesus said: Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. This is dynamite and many of us shrink back in fear when confronted with powers of this magnitude. The thing is, however, God trusts us since He trusts Himself. We are of the same Spirit. When we remember that we are spirits like He is Spirit we cease to judge in accordance with human reason, and rather make righteous judgments.

It was James who said that we have not because we do not ask, and he further said that when we ask we do not receive because we may consume it upon our lusts. James severe words have been an impediment to many a sincere prayer. What we must keep in mind is that James is a union man. When we come to know union we pray boldly in faith because we see no separation. God and we are a seamless unity working in unison in all things.

According to James petitions that are not answered are prayers born out of a consciousness of separation fuelled by the wrong tree. Those are prayers from lack. “Make me more like you God.” “Bless MY works.” Everything is consciousness and the expansion of our consciousnesses will influence and decide what kind of prayers we pray and not least how we perceive our prayers – whether we pray in faith or in unbelief.

Union prayers derive from our nothingness and consequently fullness. They origin in the tree of life, and thus from rest. We trust in faith whatever spontaneously surfaces in us as God’s directions for what He wants to accomplish by us no matter if those prayers can be expressed in words or not. We pray from peace and are no longer governed by what we should pray, as if prayer is law.

The good news is that we do not sustain this, not even our faith, because He is our faith. So we don’t need to worry about this owing to the fact that we have the faith OF the son (which now is ours) who will be there to receive or experience what God has already given us in Christ. We hear people say, “anything is possible IF you could only believe” but that is often our problem: We do not believe. What we come to realize is that He becomes our faith or He believes through us so that we can receive, and our “part” is only to acknowledge He does everything! Even the “believing” and this is FAITH.

Paul admonished us to pray ceaselessly. How is that possible? What does the Spirit mean by this? There can only be one answer; everything we are or do is prayer! Our emotions – our soul fluctuations – our thinking – yeah, everything is prayer, because everything is the SON in whom God delights.

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6 Responses to Praying in Esau’s Garments

  1. Donald Konick says:

    Right on target, bingo… Thank you Ole Henrik.

  2. elcs says:

    “He believes through us..” WOW.

  3. Is it true that we have the faith OF Christ and not having our own faith IN Christ?

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