If You Only Would Believe

Take away the stone, Jesus said. Didn’t I tell you that if you only would believe you would see the glory of God, He countered Martha’s objections and whose mind couldn’t take in such a miracle that her brother dead four days and who smelled could be raised from the dead. The only thing Jesus required from the bystanders and the crowd was that they rolled away the stone. He would do the rest.

What does the stone represent? The Ten Commandments? On one level, perhaps. But, this goes far deeper than freedom from the law. People who still are under the law both experience and believe for miracles.

Peter wrote: “Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.” We infer from Peter’s words that the stone is you and I. But, let us not now arrive at any erroneous conclusions which suggest that Jesus words mean that we are to get out of the way. On the contrary, we are very much present in everything He does.

Martha representing all of us couldn’t believe because her reason told her the whole thing was impossible. Roll away reason Jesus implores us when God desires to perform a miracle on our behalf. God’s desire is our desire too. How can it be any different? Both of the sisters desired to see their brother return to life. But, reason opposed their desire as if that desire was separate from God. The lie from the Garden daily assaults our minds and insists that our desires and wants somehow are only our own apart from Him. Can we create anything? Who is the creator? Who is the way? Who is the life?

Why did Jesus weep? From compassion? Because the crowd was in tears? None of those. It was because they wouldn’t believe in His goodness and His willingness to bless. Who have heard about anything like this before? The Divine crying tears of hurt and sorrow because the people wouldn’t believe in Him? That is our God whose love extends to all corners of our being and who can nothing but bless.

We are true sons of God. We are not automatons. This means that we cooperate with God on the faith level – in the eternal. Thus Jesus made that single requirement for the miracle to take place, because we are God’s co-workers in Oneness with Him.

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2 Responses to If You Only Would Believe

  1. Donald Konick says:

    Thank you… ALL things are possible to him who believes.

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