God Proving Himself

Jesus said to the woman caught in adultery: “Go and sin no more”.  While meditating on Jesus’ words it suddenly hit me that she wasn’t the responsible part in regards to what Jesus said. She wasn’t the one who would have to prove herself to God. It was Jesus who would prove himself to her by fulfilling that word in her. Like us she would face a multitude of temptations always wondering if she would stand the test.

But, again, she wasn’t the one being tested, even though it felt like that to her when she was thrown to and fro by emotions and appearances. God was the One being tested proving Himself to her in every temptation so that the word given to her by Jesus would melt together with her and become one with her. Hence, the main purpose of every temptation to teach her to see beyond appearances to spirit – to see union in everything no matter how weird the circumstances or appearances.

After being taken through all this she would finally come to terms with what temptation really is! It has nothing to do with doing wrong (and what is wrong when we partake of the three of life?) or following our desires. It has everything to with being pulled into separation in our minds by what we face whatever that is! Every time she stepped into separation the Spirit patiently, persistently and lovingly would woo her back to the truth until she was fixed in her consciousness so that in each instance she could make righteous judgments concerning her life.

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3 Responses to God Proving Himself

  1. Lani says:


  2. D Rhodes says:

    Amen! I have been noticing a lot lately how the word keeps telling us “to be good” interspersed with sprinklings of exchanged life truth to undergird everything…knowing that in the “trying to obey” we would come finally to find Him as our life.

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