Jesus entertained no desire whatsoever to prove his superiority to his followers by statements such as: “I do only what I see my Father is doing. I always do the things that are pleasing to my Father. If you have seen me you have seen the Father. The Father and I are one. I can do nothing of myself” On the contrary, those proclamations were meant to prove His commonness and that God is a common God whose life finds its glorious expression in common people. As an example of us His intention was to stir us to the same faith He expressed. Jesus said: “Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” Humbleness finds its final definition is Jesus’ proclamations about His oneness with the Father. “Learn to live in my reality of truth and you will find true rest.”

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5 Responses to Common

  1. Paul says:

    Help!! I used to think I knew what it meant to be a Christian, but now I’m not sure, I know Jesus is real and lives in me but what am I supposed to do with the life I have been given? I feel no direction or purpose in things anymore and feel confused a lot of the time, surely God has some purpose for me.
    I have no fellowship anymore since leaving the organised church, the Christians I thought were my friends don’t seem to want to know me anymore.
    I find it hard to pray or read scripture at the present time, I just don’t know what’s going on.
    I’m sorry if this is not the right place to say these things but I couldn’t think of anywhere else to write this, I would appreciate any replies, thanks for your time, much love, Paul.

    • Ole Henrik says:

      You perfectly echo one of the phases the Spirit took me through when He taught me about oneness and that Christ now is my life. Perhaps you need to redefine prayer? Since we are praying ceaselessly everything we are is prayer. I have not much appetite for the Bible either. Curious, I once asked God why and this was His reply: “I am your teacher. Trust me.” The Spirit also took me through times of isolation and solitude. We walk out of that period with gold in our hands. You are not supposed to do anything with you life. It is God’s life and He does whatever He wants with it in love. Blessings Paul!

      • Paul says:

        Thankyou for the reply, I think I’m starting to understand what you say and see the reality of God actually doing it in me, I do struggle a lot within myself though, particularly about seemingly doing nothing “for God” I get attacks of fear that God will be angry because I’ve buried my talents and wasted my time doing not much, is this a western world curse? I mean that way of thinking that I always need to be productive or doing something ‘worthwhile’ thanks for any replies, Paul.

  2. Ole Henrik says:

    Yes, that is the western world curse, a cultural phenomenon. In some cultures we find they have a completely different perception of time from ours. Not only that, their ideas of being productive differs much from what is meant with that word in the western hemisphere. God is never angry with you. How can He be? He has taken you over in totality. You and your Papa are one in will and spirit/Spirit. You are a perfect image of Him. Besides, only He can live this life. Blessings Paul!

  3. Paul says:

    Thankyou for your words and for saying that God is never angry with me, I needed to hear that. Do you know of any good books that deal with this subject of western thinking? I feel I need to read something along those lines.
    Thanks again, I appreciate you taking the time to respond, love from Paul.

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