A Dialogue

This dialogue spontaneously took place on Facebook yesterday. Since so many precious truths emerged during our conversation I thought it would be an idea to share it with my readers.

Nancy Gilmore:

It’s not wrong to be tempted. Jesus was tempted in all ways like unto man, and yet was without sin. I believe this is true for us as well; because we find we have a higher temptation at work in us in which to respond, and that’s a temptation upward. It’s the Holy Spirits suffering work to glorify Christ in us, and He knows exactly how to do that; and I believe His ‘how’ is to tempt us upward. Our strongest desire in freedom is that the whole world is sexed up. Alive to us. Whether it’s money or sex, and we are attracted. I really like money! It buys you conveniences. Probably why I don’t have any. The Lord has tempted me upward to desire Him more! More than a man who would understand me, and more than enough money to live comfortably, and do all the things I ever wanted to do. Yes, the Lord has tempted me upward to choose His LIFE, as mine. Look at Joseph, at the last minute he left his coat and ran! No reason why except He must have been tempted upward! or why else would he have run! There’s Rahab who lied to hide the spies; an unethical act, yet I believe she was called of God to do it! And rewarded with being in the dependable lineage of Christ for his people. Greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world. I truly see if God doesn’t keep us, we won’t be kept. We are not a referee caught in-between Christ and the devil, as some kind of a ‘me’. No! That’s the final form of sin we are all forced to see. That would be the ‘Producer’ of all my sin, pretending to be me. If we are left to figure it out, we just as well start with: Lord, it’s for sure if you don’t keep me, I won’t be kept. Trust in the Lord with ALL of your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, but acknowledge HIM in all of your ways and He WILL direct your path; Inner-recognition.

Ole Henrik:

I agree wholeheartedly with everything you have penned down, Nancy. This is the obedience of faith that only can be ours through turmoil and suffering. I believe as you do that we are tempted but found without sin in all things. How else could Jesus say: I always do the things that are pleasing to my Father? This has lately increasingly become my reality too. You mention Joseph and Rahab. Wonderful examples of persons who were tempted upwards. Further, we have Lot’s daughters who kept the lineage alive by sleeping with their own father. We have Abraham who lied to the king so that God could save the king and his house. The scriptures abound with people who have been tempted upwards and whose deeds fly in the face of our preconceived notions of good and evil. I have also become increasingly secure in the fact that God is my keeper and that He is everything I am. He is my emotions, reasoning, pain, etc etc. But, it is me! What a tremendous paradox. My consciousness daily testifies to that I am a person. It has become utterly clear to me that there is only one obedience (Norman said this too): The obedience of faith. Everything else we call obedience is just smoke and deceit trying to convince us that we are independent selves.

It also hit me this morning that the reason why Paul tells us to respect the fathers is exactly because they “know” suffering. The kind of suffering that teaches obedience (the obedience of faith). Jesus learned obedience by what He suffered. I had no idea what that pertained to until I was taken there myself. It is by suffering what we have seen afar off as some sort of theory become ours by ‘knowing’. We become One with the truth in our consciousness. This is not of our own making. It is the Spirit who with a practiced and wise hand takes us there.


Beautiful Ole, just beautiful! And you say it so eloquently, and bring out these others, siting Abraham and Lot’s daughters; and the works of God. We cannot see this as a false-independent-seer, because the false-independent-seer shows it up as sin! The ONLY way we see through is by knowing we are one spirit with the Lord. Not intellectually-knowing, but by the inner-witness of the Spirit Himself. And you speak of the suffering faith that takes us in this oneness. Joesph knew it well. Named his child after the suffering oneness. I think he saw it also in his mother giving birth to Benjamin. It’s the faith of Christ in us, as us; co-inheritors with Christ in God, by the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, now dwelling in us. That’s glory!

Ole Henrik:

Stunning insights, Nancy! I didn’t know that Joseph named his son after the suffering oneness and that the birth of Benjamin alludes to this as well. Amazing! Thanks!


I think Rachel wanted to name Benjamin, Bitterness! And Jacob said, no way! Joesph had to have been watching! You know how kids are; curious! Let me know Joesph translation for the healing of bitterness with his son’s name. Gen.41:50,51 “And before the time of need, Joseph had two sons, to whom Asenath, the daughter of Poti-phera, priest of On, gave birth. 51 And to the first he gave the name Manasseh, for he said, God has taken away from me all memory of my hard life and of my father’s house. 52 And to the second he gave the name Ephraim, for he said, God has given me fruit in the land of my sorrow.


LOVE is the PERFECT Law of God! The law of Liberty! And the way a thing works. The Way God Works. For God SO-Loveddddddd the world that He Gave This Love AS His Son; just so we could love God back with His own LOVE! This Love is Christ Who is God’s Life’! God’s Way! God’s Truth! God’s JESUS Raised from the dead as the Living Person, both in God and in us. Christ now Living AS us. THAT’S LOVE!

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2 Responses to A Dialogue

  1. Susan Avello says:

    Thank you for sharing, Ole. I would have totally missed that beautiful dialogue and the truth revealed in it. I perpetuates me higher 🙂

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