Our Father, the eternal will to all goodness, answers our desires which He has given us so that they are to see their fulfillment in joy. Every created person is made from desires. They constitute our basic makeup. We are fashioned to desire in the similitude of God who desired to make His hiddenness visible in man. For the ungodly desire is a source of anguish and torment. For the holy one it is an everlasting source of joy, peace and happiness because it is under the dominion of the source to all goodness who also eternally desires.

The reason why desire is a blessed thing for the new creation whereas it is anguish and pain for the old Adam is as follows: Desire without God will always strive towards something which it hasn’t the faintest glimpse of attaining. This is hell, an eternal strife towards something that never can be attained or grasped. However, when desire is mixed with a feeling of hope that is heaven, because true hope can only exist in God.

Desire is compounded of attraction and compression. Two equal forces that create that whirling wheel in us which we recognize as a desire towards something. In God light and love is poured into the wheel so that the friction won’t generate wrath, anguish and pain. William Law wrote: “But if Life is to be happy, something else must come into them, not to destroy their natural Working, but to make every Contrariety in them a strife of Joy, and delightful Sensibilities.”

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2 Responses to Desire

  1. DeeDee Winter says:

    “Desire without God” will also be misused to gain for ourself or take for ourself doing harm to others rather than fulfilling another. It’s fulfillment is
    ‘me for me’ rather than ‘me for you.’

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