Untamed and Wild

In Christ we reclaim our humanity and the more we enter the truth about our redeemed and freed humanity we discover that there is something wild and untamed about it. When God created the earth, He created a wild and untamed place with ragged mountains, fierce volcanoes, deep oceans and steep waterfalls. As if that wasn’t enough He invented electricity, nuclear power and sex! Everything bearing witness about the Creator in whose image we are created. We thought we joined a “how to become a nice and well-behaved person club” when we came to Christ.

It takes a while to come to terms with what we unearth in our unique self, since our initial self-perception was based on the elementary principles of the world. Our religious inclined consciousness is in for some surprises when Jesus unwraps the package labeled: “I have much more to tell you.” Not all are able to handle that their soul is like the wind blowing wherever it wishes. Even in the infinite abyss of freedom in God (the unsearchable riches of the soul) they see sins. However, those who do not rein in the soul are like eagles soaring towards the sky. As rebels going against and challenging every convention they display that life is untamed and wild and that this life is the true image of God.

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6 Responses to Untamed and Wild

  1. Loved reading about this freedom!

  2. Ole Henrik says:

    Me too 🙂 Thanks Marie Louise!

  3. Excellent!!

    Thank you my brother!

    Let the wild within never cease…let the child play in freedom and creativity…!!

  4. Cheryl says:

    God never placed us in a box. People did that. We need to quit trying to please people and allow ourselves to know that we true believers in His only Son, are already pleasing to God. Who and what would we be if we knew we were totally free in Christ Jesus???

    • Ole Henrik says:

      A most valid and intriguing question. Of course, only God knows. We will, however, continue to share what we have seen and heard hoping that some of our weary brothers and sisters can take new steps in faith towards this freedom in Christ we now enjoy.

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