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The Ananias and Sapphira Incident

Since God is an eternal will to all goodness we will endeavor to approach the story about Ananias and Sapphira in an inward manner and ‘mysticize’ it according to those images and words that were given me concerning its deeper … Continue reading

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Kept by God

God’s ways are indeed mysterious. They defy reason and far outstrips every religious idea derived from the tree to knowledge of good and evil. In Genesis 20 we learn that Abraham and Sarah is sojourning in Gerar. To our astonishment … Continue reading

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Walking in His Ways

The Bible tells us that God causes us to walk in all His ways. It can’t be otherwise since we are joined one Spirit with Him! However, we often fight against His ways in our minds since His ways sometimes … Continue reading

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The Absurdity of Faith

It is faith that elevates us to a position far above sin and every stereotypical notion concerning temptation. Abraham is rightfully called our father of faith. Without the absurdity of faith, how are we to understand someone who is about … Continue reading

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Our Father, the eternal will to all goodness, answers our desires which He has given us so that they are to see their fulfillment in joy. Every created person is made from desires. They constitute our basic makeup. We are … Continue reading

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The Elected Seed

“And now, Gentlemen, you may easily apprehend, how and why a God, in whose holy Deity no Spark of Wrath or Partiality can possibly arise, but who is from Eternity to Eternity only flowing forth in Love, Goodness, and Blessing … Continue reading

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He Must Increase – A Change in Priesthood

By Fred Pruitt and Ole Henrik Skjelstad Ole Henrik: Assume you were a disciple of John the Baptist about whom it was said that he had come to prepare the way of the Lord. In what way could you have … Continue reading

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I Know That You Can Do Everything

This grand universe in which we now dwell is governed and upheld by one sovereign principle. In perfection, that is, love God in every now recreates it in newness and paves His way through the labyrinth of this inhabited world’s … Continue reading

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Making Righteous Judgments

When the scriptures admonish the believer to make righteous judgments it is not unlikely that he feels a bit at loss. “Really? Make righteous judgments? How on earth do I do that?” However, the Spirit hasn’t left us without clues. … Continue reading

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A False Perception of Sin

Co-authored with Andrea Garzon Hebrews 10:2 makes it abundantly clear that the believer shall have no more conscience of sin. His inner world is supposed to be a sin-free environment since it is washed clean in Christ.  On this background … Continue reading

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